Securus Technologies Testing their New Drone Detection System in Prisons

Drones are quite popular in many industries and are in use in many different ways and to achieve different things. Some of the industries where their usage has seen quite an impact are utility inspections, photography, hospitality industry, delivery service and many more. Even though drones are quite useful, many people find a way to use them to carry out illegal activities such as in the prison industry. The prisons are using these drones to have illegal things such as drugs, pornography, weapons, and phones delivered inside the prison. Since drones have become more advanced and quite inexpensive, they are being used by criminals to carry out their illegal activities. These are also easily available on the black market where they cannot be traced back to the person who bought them making them even more dangerous.


There have been many reports in the past suggesting that drones are being widely used and go undetected for months. In a shocking event that happened in a federal prison located in Victorville in California, a prisoner had his partner smuggle two phones inside the prison using a drone. The phones were not detected for five months and were being used by the prisoner to carry out his illegal activities and remain in contact with his associate outside of the prison. This is not an isolated incident as such incidence has been recorded in many different prisons. If the drones are not stopped at this stage, they are going to create havoc with the entire security system of the prison in the near future.


To bring a stop to the use of these drones, Securus Technologies has developed a technology that would prevent the prisoners from using the drones to have things delivered inside the prison. The company also recently introduced their wireless containment system that had drawn great appreciation from the prison authorities. Working on the same line, the drone detection technology will ensure that the drones trying to enter the prison walls are detected and stopped before they can deliver the goods that they are carrying. Securus Technologies is working in collaboration with its technology partners to help create and implement the drone detection technology in prisons across different states.


According to the Securus Technologies, the drone detection technology uses a similar kind of antenna system that they have been using for their wireless containment system. But, they are more advanced and can detect the drones to much more significant height than ever before. The company has spent almost a year and a half to develop the technology fully before testing them out in the real world. So far, the results have been excellent, and the company hopes to make it available to many more prisons in the coming months.



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