Sussex Healthcare Appoints New CEO To Give The Company A New Face

Sussex Healthcare is a professional and independent healthcare company in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare has 20 care homes where they provide essential healthcare to the community. Sussex is one of the oldest healthcare companies in the country with 25 years in the healthcare industry. The organization offers a wide range of healthcare services which are meant to take care of the people living in Sussex. Their wellness programs are aimed at giving offering high-quality services that will serve the interests of each person. The treatment they offer is specialized depending on one needs.

Sussex healthcare was started in 1985 and over time has grown to become a major player in the UK healthcare sector. Sussex Healthcare has given the people of this community a chance to access health services especially for the elderly, disabled and the developmentally challenged people.

Sussex Healthcare has the best caregivers in the country. They have hired the services of professionals who know the needs of the people they handle. The professionals in this organization are serious about their work and provide very good services to their clients. Sussex has also ensured that always, there is a team of professionals who are on standby to deal with the patients’ needs. Their services are 24-hour. The staff at Sussex Healthcare understand that the company is looking to offer services on different levels. According to the strategic plan of the company, they offer physical, mental, emotional and rehabilitative services. The caregivers in Sussex Healthcare are serious people who update themselves about developments in the healthcare industry. They continue with their professional education even as they continue giving services to the people.


Sussex health care provides the best support services. The services are designed in such a way that the patients enjoys a comfortable environment as much as possible. They provide patients with healthy meals made from the local ingredients. The homes are also constructed using material that can not cause any harm to patients. Also, they offer rehabilitation and recreational services. The professionals in the homes have been trained in therapeutic treatment to ensure that patients who are suffering from physical disabilities or age get the best treatment. Majority of the people who seek services at Sussex Healthcare are people with; dementia, Alzheimer’s, developmental learning disabilities, neurological conditions, elderly and the disabled. The facilities in the homes are designed to give all these people the best services.

Sussex Healthcare has appointed a new CEO who will handle operations of the company. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has been appointed to give the company a new push in terms of its growth. Amanda started her job in January.

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