The Brown Modeling Agency

Contrary to popular belief there are many different aspects that go into being a model. It is not solely about the hair, makeup, high heels, and perfectly fit physiques. It is a lot about hard work, and living a healthy lifestyle. Most models did not receive their landing spot at a top agency their first go round, it was more like their second or third. Being a model is an investment within self, but of course there are a variety of different perks that vary from agency to agency.

Sky rocking at a growing 5,500 followers on Instagram, the Brown Agency just keeps on growing. The agency offers many different sub genre’s within their overall brand including: Fashion, Film, Print, Commercial, and Model Placement.

The culture at the Brown Agency is extremely diverse ranging from men to women of all different ages, and ethnic groups. The agency is most known for their connection to Wilhelmina agency that has signed many of the supermodels we love and adore today.

The Brown Agency is not only growing in fashion, but also in commercial. This is very important in the Texas-based industry. Models are not limited to modeling. Some individuals signed with the agency are signed for two or more of the sub genre’s.

Runway shows have been expanding over the past few years at the Brown Agency. The support of the faculty has been an overwhelming wave of joy for everyone in the company. A huge benefit to the agency is not all auditions happen in person. Headshot and resume submissions are also accepted.

Texas is a huge place, and the agency has been setting in their blueprint winning over their own natives. According to Market Wired, each year the agency has shown growth in some form, and the creators could not be more pleased. There is a quite dramatic difference between where the agency is now standing, compared to where it all started.

The leaders of the Brown Agency encourage all to audition to join the family. The agency carries the southern hospitality with them in that sense. If you are a current or future resident of Texas, and you believe you have what it takes, apply now!

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