Philanthropy Plays A Major Role For Betsy DeVos

The newly installed Secretary of Education in the U.S., Betsy DeVos has been a major supporter of education reform around the nation for more than three decades, but the work she has completed on her own and alongside her husband, Dick has been just as impressive in terms of philanthropy and business. The philanthropic work of Betsy DeVos is often seen as being limited to her education reform activities, however, she has also looked to make major improvements to the communities she has become involved in across the U.S.; Mrs. DeVos has spent much of her philanthropic career seeking to advance the role the public play in their own lives, which has led to decisions about education and community involvement once again being placed in the hands of those who are affected by economic and social issues on a daily basis. Check this related article from

Betsy DeVos has always had an interest in education after spending her childhood watching her own mother teach in the Michigan public school system, which led to the Calvin College graduate having knowledge of the inner workings of the public school system from a young age. It was when her own children reached school age that Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick began touring schools in Michigan looking for the best option for their own educational needs; visiting The Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan marked the change in philanthropic focus for the couple who began seeing the difficulties facing low income families in getting the best possible education for their children. It has been three decades since Betsy DeVos began taking a major interest in education reform and the cause became her philanthropic focus. Betsy DeVos and husband Dick have remained steadfast in their financial support of The Potter’s House school and have personally financially backed marketing campaigns designed to raise awareness of school choice and voucher programs that are often not publicized at a high publicity level.

Betsy DeVos worked alongside her husband to develop new ways of providing investment support and philanthropic backing to causes the couple care about through their The Windquest Group. In terms of education, Betsy DeVos has played a key role in the development of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is the first charter school providing a dedicated education with a view to creating graduates with an interest in entering the aviation industry. Other areas that have proven fertile ground for Betsy DeVos include the investment support she has provided for many Michigan based startups and companies looking to develop new technologies, such as the development of boxed water for disaster areas and green electricity production. Visit to know more about their foundation.

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