Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope: Passionate about the Anti-Aging Fight

Jason Hope is involved in many activities, but one that area that he focuses a lot of attention on is the work on fighting the anti-aging illnesses. So far, the medical community seems to treat the symptoms of aging but largely ignores research to slow down or halt the process. Mr. Hope believes in using his voice to advance the research of anti-aging. He also backs up his beliefs with financial contributions. In 2010 he contributed $500,000 to the SENS Foundation.

SENS is a non-profit organization whose mission is developing, promoting, and ensuring access to rejuvenating methods of addressing disease caused by aging. Things like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart and lung disease.

In addition to his donations, Jason often talks about his passion for the rejuvenation biotechnology done at the SENS Foundation. He wants people to know that this research is not about living forever but about enjoying a higher quality of life longer. He supports the foundation’s approach of focusing on finding cures for the diseases that cause us to age faster by breaking down the body’s systems. Instead of looking for better treatments, the look for ways to prevent the problems from ever occurring.

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One cannot overstate the importance of Jason’s patronage to SENS. The problem for foundations that involve innovative and cutting edge technology is that public and even private funding is often hard to attain until they can show concrete achievements. In their early days, organizations of this type rely solely on contributions from people who are excited enough about their work to provide funding. Without help from people like Jason, SENS might never have gotten off the ground with their relevant and forward-looking research.

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