Shop And Dine With Kim Dao And Sophie In Tokyo

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao has a great friendship with fellow YouTuber Sophie (aka PeachMilky). So, when she heard Sophie was coming to visit Tokyo, Kim suggested vlogging entire experience. This vlog was published under the title “Shopping in Tokyo & Haul | Australia Day in Japan” on Kim’s second channel.


Kim Dao meets up with Sophie in Shibuya and they talk for a bit about their shared love for Harry Potter. Both Kim and Sophie say they’re planning on visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Japan very soon.


After walking around for a bit, Sophie and Kim Dao choose to eat lunch at a local sushi place called Genki Sushi. Kim Dao shows us how to order food at this restaurant on a tablet. Both Kim and Sophie order a few avocado sushi dishes.


Once Sophie and Kim Dao are full, they head out to shop at the mall Shibuya109. Luckily for both girls, many of the stores in Shibuya109 have awesome sales.


Later on, Kim Dao and Sophie visit the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. They both spot a new Étude House in Harajuku with a special makeup center.


A few moments later, Kim Dao shows Sophie around the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo. The Pokémon Center is located in Ikebukuro, so Kim and Sophie couldn’t pass up an opportunity to check out the store’s latest items.


Near the end of the video, Kim meets up with a few friends from Australia and has dinner at her home. The next day, Kim Dao decides to celebrate “Australia Day” in style with a few of her Australian friends at a restaurant called Bondi Café. Once she gets a moment alone, Kim Dao does a shopping haul for her loyal viewers.