Fagali Airport and Island

     The Apia Fagali Airport delivers a tourist’s dream. It passes you to the city of Apia where you find crystal clear water near the beaches, soothing white sands and beautiful tropical palm trees. The Fagali Airport taxi service can bring you to this luxury destination within 5 minutes and to a nearby hotel or resort. You will find the museum of Robert Louis Stevenson who was a well-known poet and author from Britain. He explored the area centuries ago and lived their for quite some time. Most travelers coming through the Fagali Airport seek to blend in with the Samoan culture and learn about their raw history for other museums in the area.

Apia island is a great place to pick up souvenirs to bring back home and enjoy the warm beautiful 85 degree weather that keeps going all year round. Though the Fagali Airport is a bit small, travelers can still find amenities that they appeal to inside the terminal. Customer service representatives are on hand to provide the best high quality service to all travelers looking to visit Apia. When they arrive and head to the city, they are mesmerized by the beauty of the people, the land and it’s surround areas like, Upolu.