NewsWatch TV Receives Righteous Reviews

Every Monday morning AMC network broadcasts a popular television series featuring topics ranging from consumer news to celebrity interviews. The series is a professional journalism outlet with content featuring on-location satellite media tour interviews, video news releases, and national nonprofit awareness campaigns.


In 2017, NewsWatch TV won a gold and platinum Marcom Award and that same year won the national Videographer Award for excellence in 30-minute entertainment programming. It began airing in 1990, at first they were primarily focused on financial issues, but grew over the decade to be a TV news magazine covering many other topics. The show includes a selection of hosts for their viewers to enjoy. Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison lead the segments that require multiple parts. While most portions are self-contained reports, the hosts also conduct interviews throughout the U.S. including well-known celebrities that may be personally involved with a cause.


NewsWatch TV recently collaborated with Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer that wanted promotion in the form of video reviews and online campaigns. Saygus used NewsWatch TV to promote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and to promote their Indiegogo campaign. The marketing led to the company raising over $1.3 million and exceeding their goal by over $300,000.

Customer Reviews of NewsWatch TV Campaigns

Vice President of Saygus, Tim Rush, says NewsWatch TV is exceptionally professional. He felt that their expertise allowed Saygus to get the right message across to the right consumer market. He added that he would highly recommend NewsWatch TV because they excellently connected the message Saygus wanted to convey and what consumers wanted to hear, allowing sales to multiply.


Jason Hope Discusses Tech Futurism And The Internet of Things

If you were to sit down and talk with Jason Hope then the ‘Internet of Things’ would invariably make its way to the forefront of your conversation. Being a futurist himself, this topic is pretty clearly one of his passions. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a technological savant who has staked his name, and his reputation, behind what has become known as the Internet of Things. What is the Internet of Things? Why does Hope so steadfastly believe in the concept? Well, let’s dive into both of those subjects.

To put things simply the Internet of Things (or IoT) is the umbrella under which everyday objects interact with digital devices that are connected to the internet. Think of your refrigerator. Now imagine that refrigerator connected to the internet via a network, allowing you to send and acquire data as a result. While this is an odd example, there are many reasons to believe that the Internet of Things is the future of digital technology — Hope certainly seems to think so.

Jason Hope himself is a firm believer in influential new technology and there is a reason that he is so drawn to the IoT technology. The Internet of Things is looked at as a sort of niche technology at the moment, but it won’t stay that way. The IoT, according to Hope, is a great investment opportunity at the moment. Hope believes that this investment opportunity will soon grow into the only way of the future. Hope’s tech based expertise can be read all over the internet.

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Talk Fusion Is A Revolutionary Product

In a society where a lot of things look and sound the same, it is always a breath of fresh air when something out there is different, unique, and one of a kind. They stand out in the best possible way. People tend to gravitate toward things that are a little bit outside the box from what they are used to in their everyday life. They are learning there are some great tools and products out there that can make their lives a little bit more enjoyable and fun. One of the products that is doing that with flying colors is Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion.

It was founded by CEO Bob Reina and in only nine years, he has overseen this product that has the tech world talking. Right now, it is is exciting time to be involved in tech. If someone has a product that allow them to follow their dreams and do what they have always wanted to do, it is making a true difference. Anyone that has ever read about Bob Reina or Talk Fusion, they know he is all about making a difference.

Recently, his product, Talk Fusion, was recognized by Technology Marketing Corporation. One must understand that Technology Marketing Corporation is a company that has high standards. They see a lot of products and they look for something that stands out and has that “it” factor. Talk Fusion has really created something special as this is the second award they have received from Technology Marketing Corporation according to this article: This award was the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award

When Bob Reina created Talk Fusion, he wanted to start a product that would make people happier. There are a lot of people stuck in jobs where they are working so hard just to make a buck and sometimes they still end up short. Not only that, they are unhappy. With Talk Fusion’s video products such as video chat, video conference, and video newsletters to name a few, they are giving anyone the chance to do something special with their lives.

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Eric Pulier Helped Us Teach Kids With Special Needs

I had a lot of kids in my classes with special needs that had almost no help in class. We did not get the ADA until the early 90s, and I had already spent about a decade in the classroom. That was something that I was always struggling with, but our principal came to us one day to talk to us about how he made things that would help our kids.

Eric Pulier has been great about thinking outside the box, and that is why People Doing Things was so great for us. We were so happy to see how this charity could help us, and we were even happier to know that they could do something for the kids that we could not. I am not a technology wizard, but it was very easy to see how the technology worked when I got it. I could hand it out to the kids, and he came back each year for a few years with something new.

I was also very happy to find out that these kids were doing better in their classes. They were going to be able to go mainstream with their classes, and I had some kids who eventually left my class because they did not need to be there.

We always struggled to figure out how to help kids in our classes because we knew that they needed something we could not offer. We would have tried anything, but Pulier did a lot for us. He is still thinking outside the box working on things like the X Prize committee, and I know that he also helped invent enterprise technology. Our school system uses that, and I could not be more impressed.

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