Securus Technologies Uses Technology For The Safety Of The People

When Securus Technologies gets involved with a correction facility, they are able to use techniques that allow them to solve and prevent crimes. This is very important to the safety and welfare of the public, and the inmates that are in the particular facilities. They can even do this when there are crimes committed between the inmates, which is amazing to say the least.


The company, Securus Technologies wanted the public to know more about what they do, and they decided to publish an article that details what they do. Not only can a person read about that, but they can also read comments from the facility officials that Securus Technologies works with, and see what they think about their techniques. The company has also invited the public and potential investors to their headquarters. It is based in TX.


Securus Technologies is a company that is desired by many different companies across the country for what they do. Because of their excellent work, the government has contracted them to work with their facilities too. Overall, the company deals with at least a million prisoners every, single year. They keep creating more and more ways to keep the public safe, and they deal in both the civil and criminal sector by helping to solve and prevent crimes. With their expertise, they are known all over the world for what they do. They are in demand at all times, and they will continue to use technology for the better of the people. Securus Technologies is a company that people are sure to hear a lot more about in the future for their excellence and unique techniques in promoting the public’s safety.

How Securus Video Visitation is Reducing Recidivism

Incarceration not only affects the lives of those condemned to jail terms but also of those connected to the offender in one way or the other. While it is important to separate lawbreakers from the other people, it is equally important to maintain relationships between inmates and their loved ones. That is the essence of the introduction of technology in the criminal justice system. The latest technological addition is video visitation that connects inmates with their loved ones in cyberspace. The best video visitation technology trusted by many people across North America is provided by Securus Technologies.

With Securus Video Visitation, family members, friends, public officials and attorneys can participate in video visitation sessions with those incarcerated from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or PC connected to the internet. It removes all the barriers to visitation granting family and friends unlimited opportunity to the face-to-face connection. Inmates can now watch their children grow and even get to share everyday events such as birthdays, watching cartoons with their kids, reviewing homework, opening Christmas presents and even attending concerts. Apart from strengthening relationships, Securus Video Visitation also makes the society better. According to numerous studies, the maintenance of relationships between inmates and their loved ones lowers recidivism.

As a leading company in offering civil and criminal justice solutions, Securus Technologies is dedicated to providing the best services in the corrections industry. Its mission is to transform the world to a better and safer place to live. Using the latest and modern technology, Securus serves approximately 1,200,000 inmates and over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement and public safety institutions spread in the entire North America. The company offers the best emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, incident management, investigation, inmate self-service, information management, communication and monitoring products and services.

Securus was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas. It has grown to establish itself as the leading innovator in the correctional industry with hundreds of patents and tens of others pending. It employs highly qualified engineers, designers, technologists and thinkers and that is why its innovative solutions are second to none. The company also believes in the maintenance and improvement of the customer service in the industry. Its commitment to innovation is not stopping anytime soon, and people can only expect better products and services.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.