Wen by Chaz Tested by Emily McClure

For women, their hair has a special meaning. It is almost magical that a woman in a tight bun can unbridled her hair and change in seconds from a master of industry or commerce to become and enchantress, a symbol of feminine beauty. Men and women admire long manageable hair on women. When famous singer Sinead O’Connor shaved her head the world went crazy and her reputation among audiences who judge talent sometimes by physical beauty alone was impacted. Megyn Kelly, a newscaster on Fox News, cut off most of her beauty queen long blonde locks as a way of becoming more serious and trustworthy as a newscaster.

Women with problem hair carry the added burden of trying, sometimes in vain, to compete with long, strong thick hair which is the prize of beauty judges. The color does not matter but the thickness, the illusion of the enchantress does.

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger, and she admits to having fine, unmanageable hair, the curse of beauty queens. She found a product, Chaz by Dean, which promised to do all the necessary things to make hair manageable and beautiful to look at. McClure was impressed and took on the QVC advertised claims of the WEN Hair product in a seven-day study of how the product claims held up under her test circumstances. Readers of the blog saw her progression from returning from a trip disheveled and tired to the final product after the completion of the seven-day trial. For readers, McClure entertained and educated us, and at the end of the trial, we saw her beautiful hair as proof of the product claims. We were impressed with her dogged portrayal of the product claims and her candid examination of Wen by Chaz Dean. At the end of the seven-day mission, she was impressed by the product but was it worth the high cost? Read her research essay in Bustle here: Bustle.com

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