The Academy Of Art University Churns Out Fashion Leaders Of Tomorrow

The New York Fashion weeks is an annual event that is viewed by thousands from throughout the fashion industry as well as many fashion enthusiasts. There are thousands of people around the world that spend a good chunk of the year just preparing for this event that lasts just a week. During September of last year, the Academy of Art Universty held their 21st runway showcase. This event took plat at Skylight Clarkson Square and was one of the most memorable shows in a long time. Designs from various graduate students were put on display for fashion weeks. This was a huge opportunity for these students to show off their creativity and talent to produce a futuristic fashion design.

The Academy of Art Universty is located in California and operates as a fashion and design school serving thousands of students every year. Originally, the institute was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens with a focus on advertising art rather than just teaching it. Today, the academy offers various degrees to its students as well as certificates. In 2007, the Academy of Art Universty was accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges for their tremendous commitment to providing high-quality fashion sense and art education.


The Academy of Art University has various degree programs across 25 different subjects for their students to choose from, allowing for anyone to find something to bolster their creativity. University policy offers a no barrier admission, which lets students enroll into the university without any pre-requisites. As long as a student is willing to learn and wants to succeed in the world of fashion, the Academy of Art University is able to help.

The Bachelor Contestant Kendall Long, Academy of Art University Alum, Has Much to Offer

The university also offers programs online for students to allow more accessibility for budding artists out there. Alongside there many achievements in art education, this special institute has also hosted the NCAA athletics Program.


Raj Fernando – A Dynamic Entreprenuer And His Contribution To American Security

Raj Fernando is a well-known U.S. based public policy expert and cyber-security professional. Interestingly, Mr. Raj did not consider either public policy or cyber-security as his career when he graduated from the University. In fact, he was initially interested in financial investment.

Early Career

After graduation, in 2002, Raj Fernando began his career as a volunteer at the largest commodities exchange in the World, CME. Working at Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he quickly learned the skills of high-intensity trading conducted on the floor. Soon, the success followed as Raj took a permanent position at CME, where he continued to climb the corporate ladder, quickly. At the peak of his trading career, Raj held many trading positions at Chicago Board of Trade.

Despite his individual success as a trader, Raj became interested in the security concerns shown by several institutional investors and financial firms. As most of these firms traded billions of dollars every month, their main concern was security because it did not make sense to deal in billions of dollars when someone could easily steal important trading information of their high-profile clients. Acknowledging that there was a need to bridge the gap, Raj started focusing on evaluating the security risk generated from trading platforms.

Cyber Security

Therefore, when Fernando founded Chopper Trading, he also offered his clients various advanced security mechanisms that were not found elsewhere. With the passage of time, Chopper Trading became a powerhouse of offering innovating products in security and risk management that were solely dedicated to companies operating in the financial industries.

Public Policy

His interest in cyber-security and related platforms caught the eye of National Security agencies of the United States. On the request of his contact, Raj Fernando started serving on the boards of various prominent political setups. For instance, he currently serves on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings Institute. He is also actively involved in American Security Project and also provides policy guidance to organizations such as Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Recently, Raj sold Chopper Trading to DRW, another leader in financial service industry.

John Goullet, The IT Guru and Entrepreneur

John Goullet, born in 1961 is successful IT entrepreneur who has directed anumber of highly successful projects. He is an African – American citizen who is passionate about matters IT.

John began his professional career originally working as an IT advisor before deciding to start his own company of IT staffing in 1994. Info Technologies stressed on giving solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the country. John clearly understood the emerging markets trend.

He grew the company to $30 M in the first five years in operation. The company became the number 8 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing privately-held firms in the US. With the unprecedented growth, mergers came calling and in 2010, John and Gene merged Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC. The new firm benefitted from the collective strengths of the two merging institutions enabling an expanded presence while continuing to improve and adopt new changes.

John held the role of chairman of the merger at DIVERSANT LLC making it possible for him to continue his desire for creating new ways of tackling the challenges facing the ever-changing IT marketplace.
DIVERSANT LLC has grown to become the largest African-American held IT staffing and solutions enterprise in the US. Their commitment to providing the ultimate service to all its clients, consultants, and partners is the chief reason for their overwhelming success.

It is committed to the belief that that diversity results in better openings for advisors. It also leads to more innovative solutions for clients.
DIVERSANT LLC’s Products includes the provision of IT talent on an agreement, contingent, and permanent basis. The aim is to meet the requirements of the Fortune 500 and mid-market customers in a number of businesses.

Their products and services are founded on innovative and transformative ideas which aim at gathering the requirements of clients and associates as well as the societies they serve.

John Goullet has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that passion, innovativeness, dedication, and hard work can result in superior products that can be depended on by businesses worldwide.