Michael Zomber Historian, Collector, Writer

Michael Zomber is a man of many talents, writer, researcher, historian, television presenter, collector and dealer of antiquities, and a man who has adopted the pacifistic oriental way of life. He is an educated, enlightened man anyone would like to have entertaining guests at a cocktail party.

One life seems to be too little for Zomber who is also engaged in film projects with his wife in Philadelphia. The historic “City of Brotherly Love” seems the perfect place for this man who treasures historical firearms, swords, and shields.

As boys living away from the crowded city centers, firearms took on a special significance. We admired them from a distance until the time when parents felt we were mature enough to fire them, and then the fascination grew. But the lure remains even as some of us become citizens of the cities.

Collections of firearms like Zomber must have in his home or office, are unlike collections of stamps and coins, because guns have a fascination acquired from real life and enhanced by movies.

Every boy wants a Colt Peacemaker used by screen legends to fight off the bad guys. Seeing a German Luger automatic pistol on screen in the hands of a menacing villain begins a lust for this unknown handgun because the iconic shape is so foreign from firearm design in America.

Good Reads believed that Michael Zomber has given the world much more than his love of weapons. He has merged this love with a pacifistic outlook on life that is akin to the thinking of modern enlightened man.

He has written and published works of fact and fiction including screen plays. One of his books, Jesus and the Samurai, makes a historical connection to Jesus and the lost time in the life of this important man.

All things considered, Michael Zomber has contributed much more than a single man’s share of work to our world

Learn more about Michael Zomber: https://about.me/mzomber