The Brown Modeling Agency

Contrary to popular belief there are many different aspects that go into being a model. It is not solely about the hair, makeup, high heels, and perfectly fit physiques. It is a lot about hard work, and living a healthy lifestyle. Most models did not receive their landing spot at a top agency their first go round, it was more like their second or third. Being a model is an investment within self, but of course there are a variety of different perks that vary from agency to agency.

Sky rocking at a growing 5,500 followers on Instagram, the Brown Agency just keeps on growing. The agency offers many different sub genre’s within their overall brand including: Fashion, Film, Print, Commercial, and Model Placement.

The culture at the Brown Agency is extremely diverse ranging from men to women of all different ages, and ethnic groups. The agency is most known for their connection to Wilhelmina agency that has signed many of the supermodels we love and adore today.

The Brown Agency is not only growing in fashion, but also in commercial. This is very important in the Texas-based industry. Models are not limited to modeling. Some individuals signed with the agency are signed for two or more of the sub genre’s.

Runway shows have been expanding over the past few years at the Brown Agency. The support of the faculty has been an overwhelming wave of joy for everyone in the company. A huge benefit to the agency is not all auditions happen in person. Headshot and resume submissions are also accepted.

Texas is a huge place, and the agency has been setting in their blueprint winning over their own natives. According to Market Wired, each year the agency has shown growth in some form, and the creators could not be more pleased. There is a quite dramatic difference between where the agency is now standing, compared to where it all started.

The leaders of the Brown Agency encourage all to audition to join the family. The agency carries the southern hospitality with them in that sense. If you are a current or future resident of Texas, and you believe you have what it takes, apply now!

Fabletics: Implementing Good Strategies To Sell Their Clothing

When it comes to the fashion industry, there are always new brands that are trying to make it big. Designers and industrialist from all over the world keep coming to the world’s top fashion destination with the hope of getting their designs noticed. Nowadays, it is not just the fashion runways that matter, but also how well a brand can do in an online space. Brands are always trying to surpass one another and appeal to the ordinary people. Fabletics is one such brand that has broken the mold and emerged as one of the top online marketplaces for activewear and loungewear. Fabletics first started putting out their clothing in 2013 and since then has grown massively be become one of the biggest of its kind. The company was founded by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. Today, the brand is trying to get in more celebrities to design their lines of clothing to put out under the name of the brand. Demi Lovato is one artist who has worked with Fabletics, coming out with her line of clothing.


Celebrity designers are not the only reason why Fabletics has been doing so well. In every facet, the brand has been different and has always implemented new ideas to make their name stand out from the crowd. Fabletics is currently one of the few clothing brands that function with a membership system. Customers who want to buy from the brand are required to register with them and opt in for a membership plan. This plan allows them to receive a certain amount of activewear sets per month depending on how many the customer wishes to receive. The brand also updates their clothing every month so that their customers always have new options to choose from. This has helped the brand incredibly and has helped them retain their customers and also attract new ones. The brand believes in convenience and offers their customers just that.It is convenient to shop online and more so to have it given to you every month without much effort.


The brand has always worked around strong marketing strategies that have been devised as a result of marketing strategy. Because of this, the company has always implemented things that they know for sure will work, and customer reviews were one of them. Fabletics knows that one of the main things that customers look for when buying things online is customer reviews. If another person has bought this product and has good things to say about it, the chances of others buying it are a lot greater. Because of this, the site has implemented a review system, which has worked out brilliantly for them. People often refer to these as a source to see whether or not the items that they are looking to buy are really what they are going to get or not.


Today, Fabletics has grown beyond what anyone could have ever imagined and is a multi million dollar company currently in the fashion industry.

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The Online Vs Retail Shop, Fabletics Vs Amazon

The whole world seems to be trooping more to the internet for everything they seek to purchase, from cosmetics, clothes and even workout gears. They all troop to a field ruled by the mammoth king Amazon. In the field of online trading, a field that Amazon already controls about 20% of, how has a David-like brand like Fabletics has taken the battle to Amazon? How have they managed to notch up victories up to the point of establishing a business that has grown to more than $250 million in just over three years? The answer lies in reverse showrooming.


Fabletics was established in 2013, one of the founders is the ever amiable Kate Hudson. They were focused on filling up the void in the activewear marketplace. The presence of a lot of luxury brands did not deter them from venturing into the market, as they saw that these luxury brands did were lacking in giving products that were both affordable and of high quality.


Fabletics has built its brand on offering quality services right from the product till the customer walks out of the store satisfied, and even go beyond that. They ship to countries in France, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and have about 6 retail locations in the US. They have a total of 16 physical retail outlets now.


In using reverse showrooming, Fabletics have given retail companies a glimmer of hope- the battle for customers is not lost. In reverse showrooming, the customer visits the online website, then goes to the physical store to make the purchase. Fabletics have included gamification elements, superb customer services, exclusive design, to make the experience in their physical stores an unforgettable one. They have been able to offer a luxury brand at an affordable price to their customers.


They have been able to personalize the experience for each customer, so the customer knows that what he/she is getting is just suited for him/her. This principle of operation has further enhanced the customer feedback that they get. Between a third and half of the people entering the physical shops are already members who return because of the wonderful experience and another fourth eventually end up becoming members.


Fabletics also have something common to them- they blend latest global fashion trends with user preference to make sure that the customer stays satisfied and in vogue. They conduct various tests to determine the trends and then balance these with the user’s preference. This way either online shop or physical retail shops are never stocked with gears that the customer cannot relate with. The various local trends are monitored also to make sure that the shop is in touch with their locality, the items stocked can then revisited and tweaked with changing trends and preference.


Fabletics have emerged as one of the competitors for Amazon, and they have based their growth on offering quality items at affordable prices, having an excellent and experienced staff at the retail center, and a media team that ensures that they are in tandem with the latest global trend. Combining all these features or characteristics has pushed their retail outlets to about 10 countries.


Goliath lost to David. While this is not a battle like that, it with be right to say that Fabletics has come to stay.