David McDonald Of OSI Group Details The Expansion Of Their Spanish Facility

David McDonald has been in the food business for essentially his whole life. He was born and raised on a farm in Iowa and then studied animal husbandry at Iowa State University, graduating in 1987. Once he graduated he found a job at OSI Group, LLC, a privately held food processing firm. For this position he moved to the greater Chicago, Illinois, area and steadily moved up in the ranks. He has been the president and chief operating officer of this company for several years now.

One of David McDonald’s accomplishments in the recent past is overseeing the expansion of his company’s Spanish facility. This facility provides beef, pork, and poultry products to restaurants and grocery stores throughout Spain as well as Portugal. Over the past decade they have seen larger sustainable demand for poultry products continue to grow. In order to keep up with the demand he authorized spending €17 million to upgrade this facility in a number of important ways.

The biggest addition was a new high-speed production line that doubled the amount of poultry this facility can process. They can now process 24,000 tons of chicken on an annual basis and 45,000 tons of processed meat in all. David McDonald says they made other important additions as well such as new storage areas, an improved shipping and receiving area, and a new social area for employees among other things. They also added a new test kitchen which will enable this facility to meet the changing needs of their customers. OSI Group releases sustainability report .

Another important addition was increasing the security and sustainability of this facility, David McDonald says. There are new cameras both inside and outside the facility which improves food safety. They also added an advanced fire suppression system. The facility was also made a lot more energy efficient and their use of electricity dropped by 20% despite doubling the amount of poultry they process.

In addition to his role at OSI Group, he is also on the board of directors of the North America Meat Institute. In these capacities he will be attending Iowa Swine Day on June 28. This event teaches people about the global food industry as well as business skills. David McDonald will be one of the featured speakers at this annual event and will go over the future of the global food industry. Having been in the industry for over three decades he will be able to share a lot of valuable insight to his audience.

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Norman Lear addition to PodcastOne by Norman Pattiz

The month of April this year saw Mr. Norman Pattiz come out to announce and reintroduce one of Americas olden days writer and producer Norman Lear as the new addition to PodcastOne staff family. Norman Lear is famously known from the golden time’s television sitcoms that he helped write and producer. This television shows had been top-rated back in the days and as a result had propelled Norman Lear into the limelight as one of America’s top film producers of the time. The shows that he produced include the likes of Good Times, the Jefferson and so many others which still linger and bring joy to the hearts of so many who had a chance to watch them. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/author/npattiz/

As a new introduction to the staff of PodcastOne, Norman Lear will bring a renewed energy to the word of radio broadcasting and as such many of his olden day fans and the new ones can’t for his show. Coming on to host his weekly show named All of the Above with Norman Lear, many people excitedly wait to hear his subtle and husky voice come on air to talk and interview the many celebrities of our time.

The topic discussions to host in his show will be dealing with various subject matters that range from politics, music, sports, comedy and all the trending social happenings. In a lighted conversation after his introduction, Norman Lear stated that as an old man he still considers himself as everyone’s age mate and his interviews will be as entertaining, energetic and something to look forward to listening.

The podcast has been scheduled to begin its airing every week on Monday, and all his new listeners urged to tune in on podcastone.com. Some of the already scheduled celebrity invites include Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerrod Carmichael among much more.

On the other hand, Norman Pattiz is also one of Americas pioneer radio host that has over the years risen to become an icon loved by many. His success in the industry saw him come up to establish PodcastOne. Over the years PodcastOne has grown to become the host of popular shows with listeners spread across America.

Norman Pattiz has worked in the radio broadcast for over forty years and recently listed on Forbes as a result of the high revenue PodcastOne has been generating (http://www.hsacouncil.org/norman-pattiz/). His career path has also seen him hold senior leadership positions in various other radio broadcast stations and even headed the Broadcasting Board of Governors.