Living Philanthropic Ideals: Betsy Devos’ Financial Gifts

It is one thing to speak about your opinions, but it is quite another thing to actually back up your words with money. Financial gifts say a great deal about the person who contributes them: what that person stands for, what they support, and what they value. Lately I have been gaining inspiration from learning about the financial giving patterns of our US Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos. Many of Devos’ gifts reflect her beliefs on education. Let’s look at some of her gifts, as well as her background.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Michigan, and attended a private Christian high school. She then attended Calvin College, also in Michigan, and studied business. DeVos entered politics soon after college, within the Republican Party. Her roles and responsibilities expanded considerably as the years progressed, leading up to her current seat as the Secretary of Education.


The philanthropic activities of Betsy DeVos highlight her devotion to education, a field that she has been passionate about for years. She and her husband, Dick DeVos, founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation gave New York’s Success Academy Charter Schools $150,000 in 2015, and then another promised gift of the same amount. In addition, her foundation gave $50,000 to the Foundation for Excellence in Education group.


Besides education, Betsy DeVos is also passionate about her Christian ideals and her conservative political views. Her gifts support these ideologies, and allow the groups which she supports the ability to be more active and create lasting change in the world. For examples of her support of the Christian faith, we can look to her many gifts to Christian educational groups, such as the Grand Rapids Christian School Association, Christian Schools International, and the Rehoboth Christian School Association.


She is personally active in the republican conservative party, but also gives money to back her own actions and words. For instance, she recently donated $6,500 to a group called the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc.. This organization is known for spreading and promoting the conservative ideology on college campuses. Since DeVos herself was politically active during college, and later became more involved in the republican party, it makes sense that she would want to help college students explore and follow the conservative path as well.


I greatly admire people who use their money in ways that align with their personal beliefs and values. Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist that we can gain inspiration from, due to her consistent giving patters which stick so steadily to her passion for education, Christianity, and the conservative ideology. It is interesting to take a look at her specific gifts and notice how well they match with her actions as a political leader.


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How Betsy DeVos has ensured that American Children have a Decent Education

Betsy DeVos is among the most appreciated women in the United States. She has played a significant role in transforming the country’s school system. Mrs. DeVos has been in the mainstream media headlines since February 2017 when she was appointed as the secretary of education by the Trump administration. She has been utilizing the influence of her office to make sure that all children attend the best learning institutions. Betsy’s home is in Holand, Michigan and her father is the proprietor of Prince Corporation, Edgar Prince. He has made billions from manufacturing and distributing automobile spare parts. Mrs. DeVos is a graduate of the Calvin College where she was awarded a degree in arts.

Interview with Betsy DeVos, The Reformer | Excellence in Philanthropy, has been involved in matters of the Republican Party since 1976. She became a member of the Michigan Republican Party in 1982 and was appointed as a delegate in 1986. In 1992, the party offered her a chance to serve as Republican National Committee member, and she held the office for about five years. Betsy and her husband were among the individual who funded the campaigns of President Bush during the 2002 presidential elections. The DeVos family has offered financial aid to other Republican Party candidates who have run for different positions. They have donated more than $17 million to the party in the past three decades.

Betsy and her husband are wealthy business people, and they started their charity work in 1989. They created Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and have donated millions of dollars to the organization. The projects that have been facilitated by the philanthropists are associated education, justice, leadership, art, and development of communities. The couple has donated a total of $139 million to various activities in the United States, and this has made them be listed among the most generous people in the country. Betsy is focused on Christianity, and she has donated a lot of money to facilitate the operations of Christian missions, medical research, Christian schools, hospital, and many projects that benefit the community.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation invested $22.5 million in establishing the DeVos Institute of Art. It also created the ArtPrize, which is an institution that enables talented individuals in Michigan to improve their art. President George W. Bush recognized the contributions that Betsy made towards art, and he appointed her to act as one of the heads of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.Betsy has been supporting the opening and running of for-profit charter schools that allow all American children to have a decent education. She believes that ZIP codes should not be used in determining learning institutions that students can join. The current school system deprives children of low-income families of getting a quality education.