Andrew Frame   

Citizen is the first app that combines location information with 911 intel to keep you and your family safe. Andrew Frame is the founder and CEO of Citizen. Andrew Frame started his first company, an ISP, at fifteen. Later he founded Ooma, a consumer telecom company.

Frame spent his early years working on networking systems at a high level. He received both his CCIE certifications within his first year at Cisco. He is now a senior manager at Citizen Communications.

Citizen is an app that keeps users safer by using mobile phone technology to alert authorities if someone tries to cause harm to a user or others around them. Users can also use it to report other crimes, such as illegal activity, vandalism, fire, and theft. Citizens can be rewarded for reporting these activities, helping others, or simply keeping themselves safe.

Andrew Frame wakes up early when he feels motivated. He exercises and then listens to podcasts before work. At work, he focuses on product development. After work, he goes out to learn new things.

He surrounds himself with a talented team that he hires ruthlessly. Andrew Frame focuses on getting things done instead of trying to come up with every idea possible. He builds products that fit the company’s vision.

Mobile phones are now used by over four billion people around the world. This number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Smartphones are designed with features for users’ basic needs: citizen access to emergency services, location-based information, and security. Citizen connects these functions to other smart devices, including cars, homes, and wearable tech devices. These connections allow citizens to improve their daily lives and become safer.

Citizen is an example of how passion can lead to success. As an entrepreneur, he inspires his team to pursue their interests outside of work, whether studying film or writing poems. When he meets a new member of our team, he asks them about their hobbies to help them learn about each other. See this page for additional information.


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