Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Taub’s Diplomatic Career

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat of repute. He has served in matters related to mending diplomatic ties for his nation and improving its overall international image for a long period of time. However, he is well known and recognized for the role he played as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom since the year 2011.

Daniel was born in the United Kingdom and went to school up to university level in the same country. After graduating with a law degree, he decided that Israel would offer more exciting opportunities for his line of career. He therefore embarked on the journey of exciting career opportunities and upon landing in Israel, got himself a job as a combat field medical officer in the Israeli army. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.embassymagazine.com/biog/biog_countries/biog_emb37_israel.html and http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL

As the job required of him, he was very committed and performed very well. At the same time, he was doubling as a legal officer in the army. It is while working in the legal office that he was offered an opportunity to work in the presidential media team as a speechwriter for the president.

This job truly fitted his nature and within a short period of time, he had managed to impress his seniors and got an exciting offer to join the ministry of foreign affairs as a legal officer.

The new job opened numerous doors for him and managed to act as a launching pad to his rather illustrious diplomatic career. He was responsible for representing the nation in different capacities in matters diplomatic as well as those related with international law.

His true character would be seen when negotiating for peace deals with enemy countries where he provided a lot of guidance and critical thinking.

In the year 2011 after working in the ministry since 1990, he was appointed the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. Accepting the new role immediately, he said he would work within his ability and the confines of the law to make sure that Israeli’s relation with the United Kingdom and other nations improved. True to his word, he managed to do exactly that.

Now that he is about to leave office, he is satisfied that he did a good job for his nation and that he could not have performed better than that.

He is also a respected speaker who travels the world giving speeches on different subjects. Daniel has also written some books and is therefore considered an acclaimed author.

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