Rally Racer Rodrigo Terpins, the Champ

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally race driver. He began racing when he was a small child. His talent in racing was so superb that when he became an adult he was able to take what was once his hobby and turn it into a career. Rodrigo was successful in this field as well as his brother Michael. They formed their own team and by doing this, achieved fame and wealth. According to Terra, their backstory begins with their dad. His name was Jack Terpins. He played basketball and he is the president of Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council. This success in the family is what has motivated Rodrigo to pursue his driving career and making him a household name in Brazil rally championships. He has been able to compete against his brother as well as race alongside him. They both have taken turns being the driver and the navigator. Rodrigo is now part of the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, where his brother Michel Terpins competes against him. They both now find themselves driving what is called the T-Rex, a special vehicle that was specifically developed for them by MEM Motorsport organization. The T-Rex will soon have some upgrades made and be enhanced to allow the brothers to keep taking on races as successfully as they do. Terpins has another passion in the T1 prototype category which he admits has on various occasions made him to still retain his passion in rallies.

Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael have completed in several championships and the plan is to continue. They both enjoy what they do and have no intention to quit anytime soon. Although now he has to balance a career and family, Rodrigo is doing his best to do exactly this. Rodrigo is a citizen of Brazil today and is in his forties. He is known far and wide for his skills in rally racing to this day.

A Synopsis of Sahm Adranji’s Career

How Did Sahm Adrangi’s Career Start?

Early on, he used his skills as an investor and manager of finances while working for someone else. His employers were Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management. While he had a successful career with these companies, he wanted to go into business for himself.

His Career As An Entrepreneur:

He used one million dollars to start a company. Due to his ability to effectively manage finances and make successful investments, the company grew into a multinational organization. His company is Kerrisdale Capital, and investors from all walks of life purchase stocks through his firm. Some of their plans are geared towards retired people, but there are plans designed for other phases of a career.

Sahm Adrangi uses a different management strategy than many CEOs. Many CEOs delegate a lot of the management of the company’s finances to other people, but Sahm Adrangi plays a role in every aspect of the company’s money management.

What Types Of Stocks Do Clients Invest In Through Kerrisdale Capital?

Clients are able to invest in any stock that they want to. Unlike many investment firms, Kerrisdale Capital allows clients to make investments in companies that most investors aren’t familiar with. This is because Sahm Adrangi knows how one can learn everything that they need to know about a company to make a good investment in a small business.

Sahm Adranji As A Public Watchdog:

He learned about the unethical strategies of China Biotics and China Education Alliance, and he acted quickly to keep more people from being harmed by their actions. His efforts were successful. The SEC delivered sanctions to these companies, and they are no longer engaged in the behavior that he reported.

He’s An Author Of Research On Investing:

Sahm Adrangi has written numerous research papers that discuss how to use short selling. He also has written papers that discuss how to invest successfully in hedge funds. While these are some of the strategies that he discusses in great detail, other investment strategies are discussed in his papers as well. The papers are free and available to the general public online.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sahm-adrangi

Dick DeVos Looks To Long Term Solutions

One of the problems with many entities that try to help people is that they approach the struggling in ways to convince them that they are less capable. Therefore, the only choice they have is to be dependent on the government. While they have the appearance of helping people, the efforts are geared towards keeping them dependent on the help. As a result, a lot of the struggling are having to deal with some extra discouragement. Even people that are trying to build income are targeted with this type of approach. As a matter of fact, more of the attention seems to be brought to these types of people.


Fortunately, Dick DeVos has a method for helping people which is empowering. His method for helping involves opportunities as opposed to handouts. Given that he is a billionaire, he wants people to have the chance to achieve similar outcomes. He knows that this can’t be done without education or at least some kind of skill. Therefore, he puts all of his money towards education so that people will get the type of education that counts towards their success in a way that they understand.


One thing that Dick DeVos wants people to do is learn how to think and develop skills that are crucial to prosperity and self sufficiency. His aim is to empower people to achieve their goals. He and his wife Betsy DeVos works very hard on bringing alternatives to the educational system. Among the alternatives that have been making a lot of headlines is school choice. This was the initiative that allowed parents to choose the types of schools that their children go to and not limit them to what is in their zip code.


Dick has made plenty of long term changes to his hometown. He is continuing the act of rebuilding his community. He is doing this through the new generation. As they get the education they need, they are going to be able to take their community and turn it into a prosperous community. Children will also be given the confidence and sense of purpose that can help them make the right decisions. Learn more: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

Anthony Petrello Spreads The Spirit Of Giving

The hurricane season of 2017 was one of the worst in history. Hurricane Harvey devastated portions of Houston with it’s wrath. The flooding that occured because of Hurricane Harvey left portions of Texas without a lot of hope for the future. As a Category 4 hurricane, Harvey came into Texas and even though it weakened the amount of rain and damage it caused hurt a lot of people.

CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, Anthony Petrello saw the people of Texas were in need and was called to action. As a philanthropist who is no stranger to helping out, he saw that Nabors Industries could make a difference. With the employees of his drilling company, Mr. Petrello started the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund which was made up of employee contributions. The relief fund helped the employees of Nabors Industries to raise 173,622 for the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. That amount was then matched by the company.

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Nabors Industries Ltd, even used their on site kitchen to make three hot meals a day for the local people suffering through the after effects of Harvey. The employees went so far as to volunteer to assist throughout this disaster wherever they were needed. While some of the employees were affected by Hurricane Harvey, most of Nabors Industries came out because of the philanthropic climate Anthony Petrello has fostered at the company.

A graduate of Yale University and a transplant from New Jersey, Anthony Petrello has become one of Houston’s own. His dedication to helping others has been a lasting note throughout his career. With his wife Cynthia he has shown a special focus on children’s neurological disorders which helped to open the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Nabors Industries Ltd, is a growing company that currently world’s largest oil and gas drilling contractors that operates in 20 countries. The success of Nabors Industries no doubt has a lot to do with the climate of giving and caring for their fellow man. Whatever Anthony Petrello is doing to spread this spirit is no doubt working not only for the people of Nabors Industries but for all the peoples lives he has touched.

Learn more about Tony Petrello: https://thereisnoconsensus.com/mathematics-law-business-charity-unique-american-dream-tony-petrello/