Vincent Parascandola, Achieving Philanthropy and Insurance Goals

As Senior Executive Vice President of Finance at AXA Advisors, Vincent Parascandola is part of a long standing history of industry excellence. Beginning in 1859, the company’s founder, Henry Hyde made a name for himself, by writing more new policies than any other business, in the entire world. This was in their 10th year of business operations as an insurance provider. Now Vincent and his team provides products and services for individual and family wealth building. These include: life insurance and annuities, employee 401K plans, IRAs, mutual funds and benefits and retirement savings plans.

In 2013, Vincent Parascandola was also named the Senior Vice President and Divisional President. AXA has headquarters in New York and France. It is a global insurance company, which maintains a separate arm for investment management and financial services. Parascandola has 30 years of experiences and oversees recruiting, sales and production, and management and retention. Vincent was raised in Brooklyn and attended Pace University, where he earned B.S. degree. Additionally, he’s the Chairman of LIMRA International.

His career began in 1987, as a Prudential life insurance agent. Thanks to his hard work the first year, Vincent won National Rookie of the Year. It’s an honor bestowed upon new agents who show the most dedication to their position. It was an accurate reflection of Vincent Parascandola’s work ambitions; because he went on to become regional manager for MONY Life Insurance Company. Parascandola would stay with MONY for 14 years before joining AXA in 2004 as chairperson. Eventually this lead to his promotion as Executive VP in 2011. For more details visit Rocketreach.

Today, Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors are committed to giving back. They’ve established the AXA Achievement Scholarship, which recognizes students of merit for their academic performance and excellence in outside activities. Also AXA has a community outreach program, which is an extension of their philanthropic endeavors. The program includes AXA “Hearts in Action” a network that supplies volunteers to service non-profits in the local area. And there’s the AXA Research Fund, which helps provide funding for global social initiatives. Initiatives that work towards alleviating suffering.

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