Lacey and Larkin

The Anti-Defamation League

The ADL supplies a free, easy to access web page with a roll of symbols and organizations labeled as “hateful.”

Some of the symbols include hand gestures, numbers that have certain meanings, popular phrases, acronyms, visual symbols that have certain historical implications, previous flags for past political entities that are labeled as “racist,” official symbols for certain organizations and symbols that are used for racially charged purposes but are also used outside of such purposes.

This list is a magnificent resource to have when you want to read up on organizations that are accused of being “hateful.” When you do read this list, you must read it with a little bit of doubt, because the symbols and groups that are listed have different politics surrounding them, as well as different meanings.

A lot of symbols and groups may be benign, or more benign than others, but are on the list because the Anti-Defamation League holds their own opinions about what is “racist” and what isn’t. For example, the symbol “100%” expresses pride toward being 100% of European blood and nothing else.

It is reasonable to say that there is a human dynamic for resentment, and perhaps hate, to exist when people are celebrating being 100% of a certain race or ethnic group. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

However, Confederate flag is put on the same list as the symbol “100%,” even though the meaning of the Confederate flag is more wish-washy and subjective.

The Anti-Defamation League believes that the Confederate flag is a symbol of white supremacy and black slavery, because in mainstream thought, the Confederacy was supposedly fighting for their right to keep the institution of slavery.

However, there are actually a lot of people, both Black and White, who support the Confederate flag and symbols of the Confederacy. You do not have to be “white,” “100% white” or anything else to be a supporter of the Confederate flag.

People who support the Confederate flag claim that the Confederate flag is ingrained in the beautiful traditions of the south, for both Blacks and whites, and that taking the flag away is impeding upon their culture and history. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Many people believe that the Confederacy’s flag and symbols honor those brave men on both sides who suffered and died, as well as their families who had to live with the aftermath of having dead relatives. Some people also claim that for the Confederacy, the Civil War was was not about keeping slaves—it was about keeping their political voice.

They claim that the North was actually doing things to profit that economically hurt the South and kept many Southerners in poverty. To have this viewpoint, you can have any identity and be of any background. There may be some individual people who use the Confederate flag in conjunction with their own one-sided, negative views regarding race—though that is not everyone.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

There is really not a lot to say about the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin’s organization is more straight forward and specific when it comes to what they are advocating for.

Their organization takes grassroots action to help Latinos and immigrants without pointing so many fingers to an out of control extent like the Anti-Defamation League. The Fund helps to save people who are physically struggling through the desert, as well as settled people who need moral support.

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