Logan Stout: A Sportsman Dedicated To Helping Others Grow Both In Sports And In Health

As a J.J. Pearce High School student, Logan Stout knew nothing besides winning. He was among the best baseball and basketball player in the school. He was also an active sportsman in Richardson, Texas. Upon joining high school, his passion for sports grew even more. At some point, he was one of the student leaders serving in the Student Athletic Council. In a nutshell, Logan Stout achieved everything a junior baseball and basketball junior player would ever wish for.

College Life and Helping Others

At the University of Dallas, from where he studied psychology, Logan got a chance of playing professional baseball. On top of winning many awards as a player, he got a coaching role at Dallas Baptist University where he was able to build his profile even better. After graduating, he was signed as a player by Fort Worth Cats. Logan also acquired a business degree from Panola.

All through his life, Logan has been involved in helping others prosper. This is why even after quitting professional sports, he established a baseball organization known as the Dallas Patriots. Through the organization, he reaches out to young players and nurtures them to become as successful as he is.


Besides sports and academics, Logan’s winning mentality has worked for him in the entrepreneurial world. In 2014, he launched ID Life, an organization that deals with health care products, as a way of helping people to take care of their physical health. As innovative as he is, he was able to come up with a unique marketing method that gives his products an upper hand over the competing brands.

About ID Life

ID Life is among the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies globally, a status it earned in 2016 after operating for two years. The company’s main attributes include originality, purity, and highly nutritious products.

Logan’s good reputation has been emulated by the staff at ID Life. The personalized customer services accorded to clients in the organization is matched in the industry. The organization also puts a lot of emphasis on research to ensure that its products leave no room for mistakes.

Find more about IDLife: https://www.inc.com/profile/idlife

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