Institutional customers talk about benefits of Securus calling solutions

Securus Technologies has become best known as one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services. Through its highly innovative suite of solutions, Securus has established itself as an industry leader in new technologies, customer service and low-cost.

The company has become widely loved by inmates, due to its ability to deliver low-cost calling services to prisoners and their families. Throughout the U.S. prison system, the people footing the bill for inmates’ calling are typically the family members of the incarcerated. This is because most prisoners the United States do not have access to steady or meaningful income. Providing low rates is a huge help to these families, who often fall in the lowest decile of income. Many of these families have children and are living well below the poverty line. Allowing these youngsters to stay in touch with their incarcerated fathers is a major public service that has won Securus widespread recognition and respect from its customer base.

But another aspect of its business, that is often quite underappreciated, is the value that Securus creates for its institutional customers. Wardens, corrections officers and other prison staff have long been among the happiest consumers of Securus’ solutions. This is due to two main factors. The first is a fact that Securus deploys a full suite of highly sophisticated monitoring security features. This helps to keep their institutions safer than ever before.

But another reason that Securus’ solutions are such a huge hit with its institutional customers is the direct revenue that it generates for those facilities where it is installed. It is not uncommon for jails and prisons, where Securus is the communications provider, to keep up to 70 percent or more of all revenues generated from calling services. This provides a crucial source of revenue to those facilities. This is revenue that they would not otherwise have had, and it can often make the difference between being able to safely operate the prison or start making cuts that it cannot afford.


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