Brad Reifler: Popularizing the Market-Based Products among Middle Americans

Brad Reifler, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital, is credited with popularizing innovative market-based products to the middle-class Americans. He keeps a vision of creating quality assets and income for his customers, and his strategies are seeking long-term results. Brad Reifler has more than three decades of experience in providing world-class market-based products and solutions to his clients not only in the U.S. but across the world.

An example of his popular and innovative product is Forefront Income Trust, a 40 act fund that attracts middle-class investors of America – previously reserved for the accredited investors. It should be noted that Forefront Capital does not charge any fee until the investment generates the first 8% net income.

In each of the new products, Brad Reifler brings his insights and ensures that every product is carrying its distinctive features and providing the most suitable investment options for the target group. He founded the firm in 2009 for providing convenient investment solutions with differentiated product offerings to individuals, business entities, and non-profit groups.

To provide customized products and solutions, Reifler created many subsidiaries under the firm including Forefront Advisory, Forefront Partners, and more. He started his independent career by founding Reifler Trading Corporation, a company offered execution of global derivatives, in 1982, and later he sold it to Refco, Inc.

In 1995, Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital, a sell side broker firm for equity markets, and grew in the industry by providing differentiated services in the hedge fund markets. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, he devised unprecedented growth of the firm and made its revenues over $200 million per year.

Additionally, its branches established in Austria, Singapore, United Kingdom, and South America. Reifler serves on the advisory boards of many corporate institutions and investment firms. He was the trustee of the Millbrook School and was the Chairman of its Finance Committee.

Bloomberg revealed that Brad Reifler was the Director of European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, Wins Finance Holdings, and Foresight Research Solutions, and currently, he serves as the Director of Sino Mercury Company. Brad Reifler completed his graduation from Bowdoin College in Economics and Political Science.

When Madison Street Capital Mergers, Everyone Wins

Mergers are difficult accounts to manage and for any existing agency. It doesn’t matter which field, what brand or who the companies are. The fact is one that every professional in the financial world knows. When one company acquires another, a heap of problems innately exists. One of those problems is how information spreads.


It’s typical for those not involved with a merger to speak about the topic and as if professionals themselves. This is one of the access points where most issues come about. Because information is sensitive in a merger, most of that information must be managed. In recent headlines, Madison Street Reputation defies the odds.


These are odds that only the firm can break and in order to set the trends.


As two organizations came together, not only did MSC enable both parties to be satisfied, but the investment banking firm managed the data so well that no one else knew until the deal was closed. This is a feat that no one in the industry accomplishes or in the same manner.


Why This Agency Wins Trophies Also


Bringing different companies together and to become one larger organization is a task most fail at. Not every story you hear will end off well. So when each financial year ends with ceremonies and moments of silence in remembrance, expect to see quite a few honors awarded to Madison Street Capital.


Yes, the firm is profound at winning trophies also.


It’s not just amazing financial accounts, stunning execs or luxurious accounts that are synonymous with Madison Street Capital reputation. The agency also leads the world in collecting what are considered the financial industry’s best accolades. From our perspective and from the work the agency continues to complete, this firm will continue to be honored in the future.


A Clear Path To Success And The Resources For It


But let’s take a quick moment to show you why more awards are awaiting Madison Street Capital. We take a closer look at it’s team and resources. Both have changed within recent years. And that change has only been for the better. This simply means that the agency has the necessary resources and a clear path to reach all of their client’s goals.


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Avi Weisfogel is Determined to Tackle Sleep Apnea

Medical professionals over the last years have increasingly realized the negative effects of sleep apnea. New research is helping to clearly show the interrelationship between sleep apnea and conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. With these serious complications surfacing, a renewed study has emerged as a sense of urgency to find sleep apnea treatments. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, founder of the Dental Sleep Masters, is using his extensive experience in sleep disorders to revolutionize the industry.


Dr.Avi Weisfogel leads the cause in trying to diagnose and treat patients suffering from sleep apnea. An estimated 90 percent of the people suffering from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed. This being a timely issue demanding increased awareness, Weisfogel and his team aim to bring a solution to this serious condition. Dental Sleep Masters have come up with a new model for secondary and primary care physicians that also includes sleep labs and certified sleep physicians. This model is a representation of the big picture, which will result in improved patient care and increased opportunities in the medical community.


Doctors and sleep physicians have been grouped together with dentists to offer clinical support to sleep apnea patients. Treatment of this condition is expected to increase and advance in the near future as more discoveries are made. Dentists are expected to find a significant percentage of their practice being directed to sleep apnea treatment and diagnosis.


About Avi Weisfogel


Since he started practicing general dentistry, Avi has been involved in the treatment of patients. His keen interest in business and marketing for dentists is what motivated him to join a number of marketing clubs that dentistry had in store. Regardless of his success in marketing of full mouth rehabs and implants, Avi still couldn’t get a marketing strategy that brought a stream of demand for oral appliances.


In 2010, he abandoned his general practice and opened a firm dedicated to sleep. After much time and resources, Avi came up with a system that created up to 300 oral appliances for patients each month. He has since merged with Barry to establish the Dental Sleep Masters.


Hussain Sajwani, Building a Beautiful Dubai

Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is worth around 2 billion dollars. Damac owner, Hussain Sajwani made the decision to get into real estate in the 1990’s. Since the founding in 2002 of the Damac group headed by Hussain Sajwani, has built the company into one of the leading real estate development agencies in the middle east. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

The Damac Group History

Hussain Sajwani started off in the foodservice industry working to cater to the American Troops and later the workers who were building Dubai. Then Sajwani decided to go into high end hotels and today works in countries around the globe as a leader in the industry.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump

The Hussain Sajwani family spent New Year’s Eve this year at Mar-A-Lago in Florida with then President-elect Donald Trump. Trump was heard in his speech saying, “Hussain and the whole family, the most beautiful people, are here from Dubai tonight.”

Hussain Sajwani is in collaboration first with Donald Trump until the election and then with his children in the creation of the Trump Golf Clubs which had more than $2billion in sales. When asked about possible ethics violations his response was, “I am not involved in any political issues or opinions.” Learn more about DAMAC owner:

What Does The Damac Group Do?

Hussain Sajwani has spared no expense in making the Damac group one of the most influential real estate development companies in the Middle East. The hotels they build are reportedly very posh and there are constantly massive marketing campaigns.

Hussain Sajwani used Tiger Woods to design the golf course for a hotel and they had Italian designers Versace and Fendi help design and decorate special suites at the hotels.

Philanthropies From The Damac Group

Hussain Sajwani has given a check for $2million to help needy children around the world. Along with the Ramadan Initiative. Hussain Sajwani has helped provide for more than 50,000 children in and around Dubai that need clothing and food.

Best Wedding Venues

Looking for a wedding photography and video company will require you to know of the venues available, for some companies like George Street Photo and Video Address Locations, you can find them in multiple places. You, therefore, will have to consider a venue in which will be accessible and also a venue in which you can be contented with. Achieving all this will lead to you having a fabulous wedding, on which you will remember and make some memories.

Some of the locations which you can consider can be Detroit or Harrisburg. In these locations, there are lots of venues in which you can choose from, furthermore, in both venues, George Street Photo and Video is accessible, thus ascertaining that you can have a professional team for your videos and pictures. Eventually, you will find that you will be surfeited; nonetheless, you will attain value for your money since for the services provided, you will attain the expected results.

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Institutional customers talk about benefits of Securus calling solutions

Securus Technologies has become best known as one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services. Through its highly innovative suite of solutions, Securus has established itself as an industry leader in new technologies, customer service and low-cost.

The company has become widely loved by inmates, due to its ability to deliver low-cost calling services to prisoners and their families. Throughout the U.S. prison system, the people footing the bill for inmates’ calling are typically the family members of the incarcerated. This is because most prisoners the United States do not have access to steady or meaningful income. Providing low rates is a huge help to these families, who often fall in the lowest decile of income. Many of these families have children and are living well below the poverty line. Allowing these youngsters to stay in touch with their incarcerated fathers is a major public service that has won Securus widespread recognition and respect from its customer base.

But another aspect of its business, that is often quite underappreciated, is the value that Securus creates for its institutional customers. Wardens, corrections officers and other prison staff have long been among the happiest consumers of Securus’ solutions. This is due to two main factors. The first is a fact that Securus deploys a full suite of highly sophisticated monitoring security features. This helps to keep their institutions safer than ever before.

But another reason that Securus’ solutions are such a huge hit with its institutional customers is the direct revenue that it generates for those facilities where it is installed. It is not uncommon for jails and prisons, where Securus is the communications provider, to keep up to 70 percent or more of all revenues generated from calling services. This provides a crucial source of revenue to those facilities. This is revenue that they would not otherwise have had, and it can often make the difference between being able to safely operate the prison or start making cuts that it cannot afford.