Roberto Santiago: A Renowned Shopping Mall Developer In Whole Brazil

When people look for a reliable real estate developer in Brazil, the first name that comes to their mind is Roberto Santiago. He is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in whole Brazil, and this is his devotion and dedication that made him into an extraordinary real estate entrepreneur. He is also famous for founding the most modern and the biggest mall in whole Brazil. And after the great success of his first project, he is planning to go the second one very soon.

At the age of 58 when people start living a retired life, due to his devotion and dedication by working hard and with a steady pace he has achieved what he dreamt. Today, Roberto Santiago is getting the return of his hard that he has done in his over three decades of professional by working with different national and multinational companies. Read more articles on

Robert started his career as a writer, but he soon realized that this writing industry couldn’t help us to achieve what is planning to achieve. He needs to change his field, and that’s when Robert took a leap of faith and changed his field and took the first stop by laying a founding stone for the Manaira Shopping Mall which he believed that one day would become the reason for his fame.

And then history saw that after a very long and intangible hard work, he has finally done it and now people knew him as a successful entrepreneur who stood hard in front of tough time and faces many ups and downs which had turned him down for a moment. But he stood again and started facing those ups and downs with fresh energy. He looked nowhere else but his concentration was on his target, and he believes him to achieve his target Manaira Shopping Mall.

In 1989, he got success in establishing his iconic real estate property which people know now under the name of Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is becoming one of the iconic structures in whole Paraiba, Brazil and people came here just to see this structure. Robert said that due to the remarkable success of Manaira, he is planning for few other shopping malls to be built in different other states to give his people something that they can proud of, few more modern and luxury shopping malls. And due to his dedication and devotion, Brazilian believes that Brazil is they are going to see those structures very soon. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

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