Doe Deere and The Evolution of The Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder of The Lime Crime Makeup line. She is a believer in making your dreams come true, and she knows that if you want to do something, you should stop at nothing to make it happen. Living in Russia until she was 17, she then relocated to New York City for a number of years, and is currently living in Los Angeles.

Doe likes to dream big, and has true ambition. She knows that nothing comes without hard work, and she is willing to put in the hard work as well as the time needed in order to achieve her goals.

As a child, Doe Deere dreamed of being a musician, and she did that upon moving to New York. This opened doors to the business world, teaching her marketing skills and appreciation of her customer base. Feeling that she had more of an entrepreneur, she then turned to her other love, makeup. Doe has a strong love for bold, striking colors and loud, expressive statements. This is what The Lime Crime is based upon. It stresses the idea of being unique, and not to be afraid to show the world who you are and what you love.

Doe met he husband when they were both musicians in New York. They learned the business and career concepts together, and learned to work well in the industry. During that time, Doe learned to be true to herself. As a child, she always felt a little out of place, but then learned that it was the opposite. She had her place in the world, it was was different from what others had.

Because she gravitated toward the bright and unusual colors, makeup was impossible for Doe to find, since at the time the natural look was all the hype. She refused to let the crowd dictate what she should look like or wear, so she created her own makeup line, and thus began the Lime Crime. So many women gravitated toward the same thing she did, and that’s how her company became profitable.

Doe Deere feels that makeup give her the freedom to be expressive and to speak her mind, and she encourages others to do the same.

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Philanthropy Plays A Major Role For Betsy DeVos

The newly installed Secretary of Education in the U.S., Betsy DeVos has been a major supporter of education reform around the nation for more than three decades, but the work she has completed on her own and alongside her husband, Dick has been just as impressive in terms of philanthropy and business. The philanthropic work of Betsy DeVos is often seen as being limited to her education reform activities, however, she has also looked to make major improvements to the communities she has become involved in across the U.S.; Mrs. DeVos has spent much of her philanthropic career seeking to advance the role the public play in their own lives, which has led to decisions about education and community involvement once again being placed in the hands of those who are affected by economic and social issues on a daily basis. Check this related article from

Betsy DeVos has always had an interest in education after spending her childhood watching her own mother teach in the Michigan public school system, which led to the Calvin College graduate having knowledge of the inner workings of the public school system from a young age. It was when her own children reached school age that Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick began touring schools in Michigan looking for the best option for their own educational needs; visiting The Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan marked the change in philanthropic focus for the couple who began seeing the difficulties facing low income families in getting the best possible education for their children. It has been three decades since Betsy DeVos began taking a major interest in education reform and the cause became her philanthropic focus. Betsy DeVos and husband Dick have remained steadfast in their financial support of The Potter’s House school and have personally financially backed marketing campaigns designed to raise awareness of school choice and voucher programs that are often not publicized at a high publicity level.

Betsy DeVos worked alongside her husband to develop new ways of providing investment support and philanthropic backing to causes the couple care about through their The Windquest Group. In terms of education, Betsy DeVos has played a key role in the development of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is the first charter school providing a dedicated education with a view to creating graduates with an interest in entering the aviation industry. Other areas that have proven fertile ground for Betsy DeVos include the investment support she has provided for many Michigan based startups and companies looking to develop new technologies, such as the development of boxed water for disaster areas and green electricity production. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Copa Star Hospital And Their Excellent Patient Care

There is quite a lot of fine patient care that happens at the Copa Star Hospital, and there are many people who go there for the best care in South America. This article explains how Copa Star is giving patients a better lease on life, and it is ensuring that all patients are comfortable even after they have been through a major procedure. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

#1: The Facility Is Versatile

The facility is quite versatile, and they have a number of people working who cover every specialty. The Copa Star Hospital wishes to help every patient who comes through the door from emergency care to routine care. They have doctors who work in many fields, and they are taking on new patients every day. Patients who are given proper care by the staff will recover from illnesses much faster, and they may bring their families to the hospital at any time.

#2: Surgeries

The Copa Star Hospital is a lovely place where people may come for their surgeries with the skilled staff. They have one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction, and they have created a number of new procedures that help patients recover quickly. The hospital is innovative, and it is a place where anyone may come when they need a new opinion on their condition.

#3: Trauma Care

There are many people who need trauma care in the region that will be transported to the hospital for surgery or treatment. There is a large staff in the hospital that will help patients who have been through trauma, and the staff will move quickly to help every patient feel as though their condition has been managed properly.

#4: Open To the Community

Emergency care is open to the community, and there are many people who will enjoy the comfort and safety they receive from the Hospital Copa Star. The patients know that they may trust the hospital, and they will feel better after they have been given fine care by the doctors and nurses.

#5: Expansion

The hospital wishes to expand, and they are searching for a number of ways that they may serve more patients. They wish to open centers that will help their patients receive fine care, and they will help their patients reach a unit that will focus on their condition. People who have unique conditions must come to Copa Star Hospital knowing that there is a way to cure their condition.

Hospital Copa Star has done quite a lot of work to meet the needs of patients, and someone who wishes to change their life will find that they may come to the hospital for help. The doctors and nurses at Copa Star are excellent for all patients. Visit the site to know more.

InnovaCare’s Excellent Leadership: Dr. Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

Since it started its operations, InnovaCare has been one of the most trusted healthcare service providers in the North America. The organization has always stood for quality service, aimed at giving their customers the best medical care by their needs.

One of the reasons why InnovaCare has been such a successful organization is owing to the stellar leadership that the company has. The company is led by Dr. Rick Shinto, who stands currently as the company’s CEO. Dr. Rick Shinto has over twenty years worth of experience in the field of medicine. He is in fact, a practicing pulmonologist who has worked with numerous patients and has been mentored by some of the top doctors over the years. This experience has helped him understand the different nuances of running a successful medical practice. Because he has treated so many patients over the years, he has been able to gauge at what exactly the organization needs to provide them with to take care of their needs. Under his guidance, InnovaCare has grown extensively, to be the healthcare leader it is today. Along with his medical expertise, Dr. Rick Shinto is also well versed in the managerial side of things and can lead the company from an administrative standpoint as well.


As the chief executive officer of the company, he has transformed InnovaCare into a company that dominates its sector. His aim is to provide the people coming to InnovaCare with exceptionally high-quality treatment while informing and educating them about the disease or disorder that they are facing. He has also been the curator of some of the medical plans that InnovaCare offers its customers. He knew that each person being different would have different requirements from the plans that they choose to opt for. For that purpose, he came up with various plans that would help people get exactly what they need regarding medical coverage from InnovaCare.

Penelope Kokkinides is also one of the main leading people at InnovaCare. She too, just like Dr. Rick Shinto, is one of the reasons why the company has become so successful over the years. Penelope Kokkinides has an incredible amount of experience working with medical institutions and the organizational side of things. In the past, she has been on the board of executives for top healthcare organizations like Centerlight Healthcare. Using this experience, she has been able to uphold the organizational quality that InnovaCare possesses. She does so, from her position as the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch


Roberto Santiago: A Renowned Shopping Mall Developer In Whole Brazil

When people look for a reliable real estate developer in Brazil, the first name that comes to their mind is Roberto Santiago. He is one of the prominent entrepreneurs in whole Brazil, and this is his devotion and dedication that made him into an extraordinary real estate entrepreneur. He is also famous for founding the most modern and the biggest mall in whole Brazil. And after the great success of his first project, he is planning to go the second one very soon.

At the age of 58 when people start living a retired life, due to his devotion and dedication by working hard and with a steady pace he has achieved what he dreamt. Today, Roberto Santiago is getting the return of his hard that he has done in his over three decades of professional by working with different national and multinational companies. Read more articles on

Robert started his career as a writer, but he soon realized that this writing industry couldn’t help us to achieve what is planning to achieve. He needs to change his field, and that’s when Robert took a leap of faith and changed his field and took the first stop by laying a founding stone for the Manaira Shopping Mall which he believed that one day would become the reason for his fame.

And then history saw that after a very long and intangible hard work, he has finally done it and now people knew him as a successful entrepreneur who stood hard in front of tough time and faces many ups and downs which had turned him down for a moment. But he stood again and started facing those ups and downs with fresh energy. He looked nowhere else but his concentration was on his target, and he believes him to achieve his target Manaira Shopping Mall.

In 1989, he got success in establishing his iconic real estate property which people know now under the name of Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is becoming one of the iconic structures in whole Paraiba, Brazil and people came here just to see this structure. Robert said that due to the remarkable success of Manaira, he is planning for few other shopping malls to be built in different other states to give his people something that they can proud of, few more modern and luxury shopping malls. And due to his dedication and devotion, Brazilian believes that Brazil is they are going to see those structures very soon. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

Jason Hope Discusses Tech Futurism And The Internet of Things

If you were to sit down and talk with Jason Hope then the ‘Internet of Things’ would invariably make its way to the forefront of your conversation. Being a futurist himself, this topic is pretty clearly one of his passions. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a technological savant who has staked his name, and his reputation, behind what has become known as the Internet of Things. What is the Internet of Things? Why does Hope so steadfastly believe in the concept? Well, let’s dive into both of those subjects.

To put things simply the Internet of Things (or IoT) is the umbrella under which everyday objects interact with digital devices that are connected to the internet. Think of your refrigerator. Now imagine that refrigerator connected to the internet via a network, allowing you to send and acquire data as a result. While this is an odd example, there are many reasons to believe that the Internet of Things is the future of digital technology — Hope certainly seems to think so.

Jason Hope himself is a firm believer in influential new technology and there is a reason that he is so drawn to the IoT technology. The Internet of Things is looked at as a sort of niche technology at the moment, but it won’t stay that way. The IoT, according to Hope, is a great investment opportunity at the moment. Hope believes that this investment opportunity will soon grow into the only way of the future. Hope’s tech based expertise can be read all over the internet.

Learn more about Jason Hope at

Shop And Dine With Kim Dao And Sophie In Tokyo

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao has a great friendship with fellow YouTuber Sophie (aka PeachMilky). So, when she heard Sophie was coming to visit Tokyo, Kim suggested vlogging entire experience. This vlog was published under the title “Shopping in Tokyo & Haul | Australia Day in Japan” on Kim’s second channel.


Kim Dao meets up with Sophie in Shibuya and they talk for a bit about their shared love for Harry Potter. Both Kim and Sophie say they’re planning on visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Japan very soon.


After walking around for a bit, Sophie and Kim Dao choose to eat lunch at a local sushi place called Genki Sushi. Kim Dao shows us how to order food at this restaurant on a tablet. Both Kim and Sophie order a few avocado sushi dishes.


Once Sophie and Kim Dao are full, they head out to shop at the mall Shibuya109. Luckily for both girls, many of the stores in Shibuya109 have awesome sales.


Later on, Kim Dao and Sophie visit the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. They both spot a new Étude House in Harajuku with a special makeup center.


A few moments later, Kim Dao shows Sophie around the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo. The Pokémon Center is located in Ikebukuro, so Kim and Sophie couldn’t pass up an opportunity to check out the store’s latest items.


Near the end of the video, Kim meets up with a few friends from Australia and has dinner at her home. The next day, Kim Dao decides to celebrate “Australia Day” in style with a few of her Australian friends at a restaurant called Bondi Café. Once she gets a moment alone, Kim Dao does a shopping haul for her loyal viewers.