Jim Hunt: Your New Investment Guru

The CEO and financial advisor of VTA Publications Jim Hunt believes that the best way to create value in a service or product is to know what the problem is and solve it. Jim knows the ins and outs of intelligent and safe trading in both the bear and bull market, having built a solid reputation trading in stocks. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also known for informative investment videos about his recent investments up on his channel on YouTube.

It’s no wonder his channel does so well as he has a knack for predicting trade deals with scary accuracy and is able to explain this to the everyday investor with ease. Jim Hunt feels like the best way to get what people want is to give them a thorough listen and to apply the frameworks of psychology to better understand them. On being asked what is it that he considers the most valuable business decision on linkedin.com, he feels that direct mail was a clear winner as it let him specifically target people without having to waste money on an ad budget with vague deliverables.

The CEO of VTA Publications spends his free time looking to the future in terms of tech trends and is excited about the recent biotechnological developments on prnewswire.com. He feels that there will soon come a time when high end medical solutions will be able to address just about any conceivable medical complication with the ease that is unimaginable as of today. The secret to his high productivity as CEO and an entrepreneur in general is his discipline and ability to stick to his goals, breaking them down into small chunks to occupy his day and does not allow himself to fall back on them.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications recently embarked on a challenge to make his mum a tax-free millionaire by following ten easy steps which he plans to post to his youtube channel along with the necessary proof; the first of which was finished hardly a few days after his announcement of the challenge and can be seen on his website. The first step was completed just days after he put up the challenge and can be viewed on his page. So go ahead and learn about the stocks the informative and easy with with Jim Hunt VTA Publications!

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