How Does The US Money Reserve Offer Better Gold Coin Investments?

The US Money Reserve has been in the gold coin business for some time, and it has a large listing of coins for sale. Those who are using the coins for investments will find it quite simple to maintain their nest egg, and this article explains how the coins are useful when the investor is looking for a new sort of investment tool. The stock market and other commodities may not be as attractive as gold coins, and the US Money Reserve helps everyone who wishes to buy into the gold market.

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#1: Where Is The World Gold Market?


The world gold market is quite strong, and it ensures everyone who wishes to invest has a higher value to look forward to. Gold has been on the rise for decades, and it will continue to do so for many more years. The price of an ounce of gold is so high that someone who owns one gold coin will have value to lean on for the future. Gold is priced to sell for the investment market, and the coins are packed with gold that is quite high in value.


#2: How Do Customers Purchase Gold Coins?


Customers are are free t purchase gold coins any time they like, and they may purchase for the value or the pattern on the coin. Each coin is built to ensure the customer will have something nice to add to their collection, and the coins may be used to ensure the customer is retaining value for the future. The purpose of any gold coin purchase is future profit, and the coins will rise more because of price of world gold reserves.


#3: How Does The Us Money Reserve Create Their Coins?


The coins on-sale from the US Money Reserve are exciting to look over as they all have patterns that are fun to review. The patterns and designs will help anyone who wishes to improve their collection, and the patterns may become the reason the coins sell in the future. The coins change their designs every year to improve value, and someone who wishes to buy for the design will build quite a collection.


The US Money Reserve has all the gold coins every investor needs, and they will find it quite simple to ensure the coins they purchase will retain their value. Someone searching for more value in their coins will find what they need when shopping online.

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Ignition Financial is the Right Place for Auto Loan Financing

Loan advisors of Ignition Financial are experts of guiding customers about the most suitable option for auto loan financing. Customers usually have a few options in their mind, but they don’t know which one is right for them. Sometimes people want to purchase their company vehicle or refinance the existing loan. Some of them are interested in buying their leased car. It all depends on what type of loan does one needs. Refinancing one’s car can be very helpful because it will bring down the monthly payments and cut monthly bills. It is a blessing for many people in such a tight economy.



The car loan calculator at the company’s website is a great option to adjust down payments and terms to determine budget-friendly payments. The highly popular auto refinance service of Ignition Financial is Slash My Payments. It is a division of the company where lending experts offer borrowers loans with the least interest rate and easy payment installments. All one has to do is to complete the online application, and the experts will tell the customer whether or not he qualifies for the loan.



Depending on the type of car loan, the entire process, terms, and required documents can be quite different. At the same time, buyers get confused due to constantly changing disclosures and financial regulations. The solution is a service which offers a comprehensive auto loan. Ignition financial aims to provide that to their customers. It is not just about helping the people to get required car loans but also guiding them navigate the entire process of the auto loan. It also involves fulfilling time commitment and sharing the burden of paperwork.



The entire process is divided into four steps: Apply, Consult, Match, and Close. An online application is used for applying. Auto loan process involves many variables, and comprehensive understanding is necessary for that. When an individual qualifies, he is connected to a loan advisor who asks for detailed information about timeframes, budget, and financial & personal situations. The information is kept confidential at all cost. The next step is a consultation where the loan advisor explains the services and related process.



Each case is different; therefore, the advisor might not always have an option for the customer. However, both of them can discuss the best possible deal, required service protection, and how to proceed onwards. Matching is the next step. Loan advisors work with over ten national banks to get the best terms and rates for customers. Ignition Financial offers company car financing, auto lease purchase, and auto loan refinancing. Each customer has a different history, and it takes the time to find a lender who meets his individual situation and needs. The final step is closure which comes after all the paperwork and process is completed. Depending on the situation, it can take some time due to financial institutions and leasing companies.




The Online Vs Retail Shop, Fabletics Vs Amazon

The whole world seems to be trooping more to the internet for everything they seek to purchase, from cosmetics, clothes and even workout gears. They all troop to a field ruled by the mammoth king Amazon. In the field of online trading, a field that Amazon already controls about 20% of, how has a David-like brand like Fabletics has taken the battle to Amazon? How have they managed to notch up victories up to the point of establishing a business that has grown to more than $250 million in just over three years? The answer lies in reverse showrooming.


Fabletics was established in 2013, one of the founders is the ever amiable Kate Hudson. They were focused on filling up the void in the activewear marketplace. The presence of a lot of luxury brands did not deter them from venturing into the market, as they saw that these luxury brands did were lacking in giving products that were both affordable and of high quality.


Fabletics has built its brand on offering quality services right from the product till the customer walks out of the store satisfied, and even go beyond that. They ship to countries in France, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and have about 6 retail locations in the US. They have a total of 16 physical retail outlets now.


In using reverse showrooming, Fabletics have given retail companies a glimmer of hope- the battle for customers is not lost. In reverse showrooming, the customer visits the online website, then goes to the physical store to make the purchase. Fabletics have included gamification elements, superb customer services, exclusive design, to make the experience in their physical stores an unforgettable one. They have been able to offer a luxury brand at an affordable price to their customers.


They have been able to personalize the experience for each customer, so the customer knows that what he/she is getting is just suited for him/her. This principle of operation has further enhanced the customer feedback that they get. Between a third and half of the people entering the physical shops are already members who return because of the wonderful experience and another fourth eventually end up becoming members.


Fabletics also have something common to them- they blend latest global fashion trends with user preference to make sure that the customer stays satisfied and in vogue. They conduct various tests to determine the trends and then balance these with the user’s preference. This way either online shop or physical retail shops are never stocked with gears that the customer cannot relate with. The various local trends are monitored also to make sure that the shop is in touch with their locality, the items stocked can then revisited and tweaked with changing trends and preference.


Fabletics have emerged as one of the competitors for Amazon, and they have based their growth on offering quality items at affordable prices, having an excellent and experienced staff at the retail center, and a media team that ensures that they are in tandem with the latest global trend. Combining all these features or characteristics has pushed their retail outlets to about 10 countries.


Goliath lost to David. While this is not a battle like that, it with be right to say that Fabletics has come to stay.

The unprecedented growth of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water a premium bottled water brand was founded to focus on the provision of health, sustainable water through its charitable initiatives has added 2,000 stores across U.S. the premium bottled water brand announced 5000 percent growth in 2015 since its founding in 2001. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The company launched a new manufacturing plant in Hawaii for celebrating it momentous growth, the plant is aimed at enabling the company to meet its ever-growing international demand.

The company founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Ryan Emmons stated that he was pleased with the company’s accomplishment after just a few years of founding.

He noted that they had been selling just a few thousands of cases of Waiakea Water a year and managed to sell more than 120,000 cases. He said that they feel greatly fulfilled by the fact that their achievement has enabled them to provide more than 500 million liters of clean water to the underserved communities in Africa.

According to Global News Wire, Through the partnership that the company has established with Pump Aid, every liter of clean water that is sold they donate about 650 liters, Waiakea water manages to do this by encouraging it consumer to drink ethically.

Despite the company involvement in the charitable courses, charitable activities only made up one-third of the success of the brand. Waiakea is confident of their naturally alkaline, electrolyte-packed and mineral-rich product that is sustainably sourced from one of the uncontaminated places on earth and which is packaged in fully recycled bottles.

According to Emmons, he believes that the success of the brand can be attributed to that fact that they try to do their thing differently, he noted that they are the first premium bottled water to certified CarbonNeutral®.

He said that through focusing on the ethics, health, and sustainability they have made a brand that makes people feel good on more than one level. The snowmelt and rainwater come from Mauna Loa Volcano peak in Hawaii that is then filtered 14000 of absorbent lava that improves it with minerals and electrolytes. Noob Preneur reported that the Waiakea spring is the source of best quality water possible.

Currently valued over $10 million Waiakea water has experienced an average of 170% annual growth rate. Its premium water is can be found around the country, in stores such as Whole Foods and Wawa, and it has extended its reach to international market.



Some experts credit the design of the water bottle for the unequivocal Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water success. They say due to the bottle’s patented and sleek design that makes it unique in among its peers. However, some people believes that the success of the brand can be attributed to the fact that it focuses on the health, charity, and sustainability.

Alexandre Gama: Entrepreneur and World Innovator

When you think of an entrepreneur, you think of creativity, innovativeness, and professionalism. These characteristics perfectly describe Alexandre Gama. Alexandre Gama is a famous Brazilian entrepreneur that founded Neogama; one of the top advertising businesses in Brazil. It was established in 1999 and created to be advertisement focused within the country. In 2002, Neogama and the founder Alexandre Gama was named Agency of the Year. This is very impressive for being a relatively new company to win such an award.

Alexandre Gama was the first to lead one of the largest networks of agencies. What has lead to his success is his degree in Advertising and Communications from the FAAP (Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation) and dipping his toes into Almap BBDO and Young & Rubicam. These two businesses that Gama experienced led him to start his very own business which we know today as Neogama.

By 2016, Alexandre Gama has won 23 Lion Awards from Cannes Festival and has been invited to be part of the Publicis Groupe committee called the Global Creative Board. This committee consists of six global leaders that are real entrepreneurs and innovators. Brazil is very proud to say that Gama is the only Brazilian part of this committee. He started from the bottom and worked his way to the top and so can you. If you have the drive, creativity, and professionalism; you can be one of the top advertising world leaders such as Alexandre Gama.

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The Paranormal Comes To PodcastOne’s Jericho Network

According to PR Newswire, Norman Pattiz, the Founder and Chairman of PodcastOne announced the newest addition to its Jericho Network on December 19th. Beyond the Darkness will explore the paranormal with veteran paranormal radio hosts Dave Schrader, also an author, and radio producer Tim Dennis. New episodes are set to air every Monday on


Norman Pattiz had only praise for Chris Jericho, WWE star and creator of the Jericho Network, saying that Jericho has ” distinguished himself as one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network.” Pattiz also says that they always knew the network would eventually expand past wrestling, delving into comedy and now the supernatural with it’s newest podcast.


Jericho is ” stoked (and a little creeped out)” to be adding Beyond the Darkness to his podcast network. Noting Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis’s extensive experience in broadcasting the paranormal, Jericho states ” I fully expect Beyond the Darkness will grow their already massive audience on The Jericho Network, and scare the crap out of them as they do it. They are a podcast network’s dream…or should I say nightmare!?”



Norman Pattiz has a long and impressive history in the radio industry. He founded Westwood One which became the largest radio network in the United States. He also created Courtside Entertainment Group in addition to PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales. During both the Clinton and Bush administrations, he served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. In 2009 he was not only inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame but he also received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.


In addition to serving as Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Pattiz also currently serves as Regent of the University of California and Chairman of both the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations.

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Norman Pattiz on building a podcast empire: “Since there is no industry, I’m just doing it myself.”



Learn More About The Great Parties And Events That Magnises Members Have Access To

Magnises turned two years old in the past year and celebrated in style. Since Magnises became popular, so many people know about it and have joined, so it’s only made the movement grow even more. When Magnises first opened as a membership, a great party was thrown with stars performing, such as French Montana. Since the opening of the Magnises membership was so grand, they just had to do it even bigger for the two-year anniversary. When the second anniversary of Magnises came around, there was a party held at the Space Ibiza New York and had live performances.

The performers were Cam’ron, Ja-Rule, Ace Hood and more, who are all well-known, so they certainly brought in a crowd and brought the house down. Many members were able to enjoy themselves, whether they were just hanging out or decided to go to the VIP only lounge that had exclusive performances as well as an open bar. It’s these types of events that Magnises has that makes it a very popular membership for millennials. Another past party to speak of was the Fourth Of July event that took place in a three-story penthouse that overlooks New York City and gave a view of the East River fireworks to the members that attended.

It’s parties like these that have made Magnises so popular with membership and even more popular before it became a membership on Crunchbase. The parties alone are not the only benefit that is offered by Magnises because they want to be able to help a member in every aspect of their life, whether it’s to have fun or to work. Check out the restaurant No. 8, which is a two level restaurant and lounge in New York City.

This a unique place to experience, and priority tables are reserved as well as discounted tables for Magnises members. This place is frequented by many stars, so don’t be surprised if you visit and see a familiar face. When events are taking place in New York City, expect that Magnises will have some way to get you into the event at a discount or as a VIP. Even events that happen in the Hamptons as well as other places can be frequented by Magnises members.

With your WorkPass on, you can obtain a co-working space at Alley as well as some perks that will help your business in many different ways. Also, attend Magnises functions to meet with professionals who also want to share information about their business. You may wonder what a membership like this will cost, but the cost is nothing compared to the value of its benefits. For only $250 for an entire year, you’ll be able to enjoy the membership and are more likely to renew it than not because you will be enjoying every perk that you get while being a member. See: