How NTC is changing the delivery of their service

One of the biggest problems affecting the real estate sector is title defects. The defects create larger issues such as unjustified foreclosures, and complications in transition processes. As a result, it is almost impossible to carry out some of the processes that at one point were very simple to handle. If these records were to be made easily available, the process of title conveyance would be simple.

The National Title Clearing Company has carried out research which indicates that many default cases have been taking place, and this has been happening as a result of one or two of the following scenarios:

  • When the wording in the documents does not comply with industry regulations.
  • When essential details such as spousal signatures are missing, making the transactions impossible.
  • In cases where there are liens and encumbrances against the property, something that lessens the popularity of the property.
  • In cases of incorrectly filled real estate documents.

The NTC offers service connected to the entire real estate and mortgage industry.

NTCs chief executive officer states that if people want a positive experience with the real estate industry, the client has to take time and scrutinize all the documents connected to the property. The company recently introduced a range of new services on their website. Currently, their clients can get verification reports, tax returns and information about the previous and current property owners.

Before they display the information on the property online, they perform due diligence to make sure that all the information is correct. All these are effort to make sure that the entire process of attaining property through their site is as simple and pleasant as possible to the client. Their efforts in improving the experience of their customer are greatly improving their reputation and their reach.

Nationwide Tide Clearing Inc

NTC is headed by John Hillman. The company was started more than 20 years ago and has been providing private bond and mortgage service to the country. The company started as a boutique agency, but with the guidance of their leaders and the determination to make things better for their customers, they are now worth half a billion dollars. The company has more than 250 people on their payroll and has been providing the best services they can afford to their real estate clientele.

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A Strong Opposition Rises Against Trump & George Soros is Heading it

Not many would have predicted that a man like Donald Trump would become President of the United States. Several donors contributed to organizations that were bent on making sure that Hillary Clinton took office this year, but all that proved to be less than enough this year. One person that was particularly heartbroken was George Soros, but he is definitely not ready to give up the fight.

A Meeting With George Soros

Some people may not know George Soros, but he is one of the most outspoken and successful businessmen in the United States. Soros is originally from Hungary, but he had to flee his home country at a young age due to Nazi occupation.  Soros, before he entered the political arena, excelled in the stock market enough to earn spot 27 on the list of the world’s richest people.

It was at this point that George Soros began to contribute to democratic and liberal causes for much of his life. There is no doubt that his name scares many on the right because it undermines their political agenda, but nothing has ever stopped Soros from attempting to do what he believes is best for the country.

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Soros and the 2016 Election

The 2016 election is going to go down in history as one of the most interesting times in American history. It was the year that a democratic socialist almost took the nomination. This year also saw the rise of a relatively under qualified candidate who was ultimately elected as president, and it was also the year that the United States almost had its first female president.

George Soros betted a grand total of $8 million to help Clinton make it to the White House this year, even though most know that this did not get her too far since it was Trump who succeeded. Many democrats were afraid that Soros would take this loss hard like he did when Bush won the presidency. Soros stopped donating after he spent much of his capital attempting to beat Bush.

2016 is proving to be a different year for Soros, because losing to Trump has not stopped Soros. This powerful democrat has actually become invigorated and has vowed to go to war against Trump and his policies. Soros orchestrated a closed-door meeting at the Mandarin Oriental hotel with other rich liberals to discuss what they are going to do to fight Trump.

The meeting was sponsored by the Democratic Allied donor club, and it included several democratic leaders like union spokespersons, Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren just to name a few.

The meeting focused on several key aspects that concern the Democratic Party. For one, the donors discussed how they can protect some of the most liberal policies that President Obama was fortunate enough to pass like Obamacare. Another aspect that was discussed was money in politics and environmental issues that seem to galvanize the majority of voters. There is a lot that needs to be discussed, and Soros is leading the fight against Trump.


Securus Technologies Uses Technology For The Safety Of The People

When Securus Technologies gets involved with a correction facility, they are able to use techniques that allow them to solve and prevent crimes. This is very important to the safety and welfare of the public, and the inmates that are in the particular facilities. They can even do this when there are crimes committed between the inmates, which is amazing to say the least.


The company, Securus Technologies wanted the public to know more about what they do, and they decided to publish an article that details what they do. Not only can a person read about that, but they can also read comments from the facility officials that Securus Technologies works with, and see what they think about their techniques. The company has also invited the public and potential investors to their headquarters. It is based in TX.


Securus Technologies is a company that is desired by many different companies across the country for what they do. Because of their excellent work, the government has contracted them to work with their facilities too. Overall, the company deals with at least a million prisoners every, single year. They keep creating more and more ways to keep the public safe, and they deal in both the civil and criminal sector by helping to solve and prevent crimes. With their expertise, they are known all over the world for what they do. They are in demand at all times, and they will continue to use technology for the better of the people. Securus Technologies is a company that people are sure to hear a lot more about in the future for their excellence and unique techniques in promoting the public’s safety.

Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope: Passionate about the Anti-Aging Fight

Jason Hope is involved in many activities, but one that area that he focuses a lot of attention on is the work on fighting the anti-aging illnesses. So far, the medical community seems to treat the symptoms of aging but largely ignores research to slow down or halt the process. Mr. Hope believes in using his voice to advance the research of anti-aging. He also backs up his beliefs with financial contributions. In 2010 he contributed $500,000 to the SENS Foundation.

SENS is a non-profit organization whose mission is developing, promoting, and ensuring access to rejuvenating methods of addressing disease caused by aging. Things like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart and lung disease.

In addition to his donations, Jason often talks about his passion for the rejuvenation biotechnology done at the SENS Foundation. He wants people to know that this research is not about living forever but about enjoying a higher quality of life longer. He supports the foundation’s approach of focusing on finding cures for the diseases that cause us to age faster by breaking down the body’s systems. Instead of looking for better treatments, the look for ways to prevent the problems from ever occurring.

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One cannot overstate the importance of Jason’s patronage to SENS. The problem for foundations that involve innovative and cutting edge technology is that public and even private funding is often hard to attain until they can show concrete achievements. In their early days, organizations of this type rely solely on contributions from people who are excited enough about their work to provide funding. Without help from people like Jason, SENS might never have gotten off the ground with their relevant and forward-looking research.

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