Eric Pulier Helped Us Teach Kids With Special Needs

I had a lot of kids in my classes with special needs that had almost no help in class. We did not get the ADA until the early 90s, and I had already spent about a decade in the classroom. That was something that I was always struggling with, but our principal came to us one day to talk to us about how he made things that would help our kids.

Eric Pulier has been great about thinking outside the box, and that is why People Doing Things was so great for us. We were so happy to see how this charity could help us, and we were even happier to know that they could do something for the kids that we could not. I am not a technology wizard, but it was very easy to see how the technology worked when I got it. I could hand it out to the kids, and he came back each year for a few years with something new.

I was also very happy to find out that these kids were doing better in their classes. They were going to be able to go mainstream with their classes, and I had some kids who eventually left my class because they did not need to be there.

We always struggled to figure out how to help kids in our classes because we knew that they needed something we could not offer. We would have tried anything, but Pulier did a lot for us. He is still thinking outside the box working on things like the X Prize committee, and I know that he also helped invent enterprise technology. Our school system uses that, and I could not be more impressed.

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