Securus Technologies Testing their New Drone Detection System in Prisons

Drones are quite popular in many industries and are in use in many different ways and to achieve different things. Some of the industries where their usage has seen quite an impact are utility inspections, photography, hospitality industry, delivery service and many more. Even though drones are quite useful, many people find a way to use them to carry out illegal activities such as in the prison industry. The prisons are using these drones to have illegal things such as drugs, pornography, weapons, and phones delivered inside the prison. Since drones have become more advanced and quite inexpensive, they are being used by criminals to carry out their illegal activities. These are also easily available on the black market where they cannot be traced back to the person who bought them making them even more dangerous.


There have been many reports in the past suggesting that drones are being widely used and go undetected for months. In a shocking event that happened in a federal prison located in Victorville in California, a prisoner had his partner smuggle two phones inside the prison using a drone. The phones were not detected for five months and were being used by the prisoner to carry out his illegal activities and remain in contact with his associate outside of the prison. This is not an isolated incident as such incidence has been recorded in many different prisons. If the drones are not stopped at this stage, they are going to create havoc with the entire security system of the prison in the near future.


To bring a stop to the use of these drones, Securus Technologies has developed a technology that would prevent the prisoners from using the drones to have things delivered inside the prison. The company also recently introduced their wireless containment system that had drawn great appreciation from the prison authorities. Working on the same line, the drone detection technology will ensure that the drones trying to enter the prison walls are detected and stopped before they can deliver the goods that they are carrying. Securus Technologies is working in collaboration with its technology partners to help create and implement the drone detection technology in prisons across different states.


According to the Securus Technologies, the drone detection technology uses a similar kind of antenna system that they have been using for their wireless containment system. But, they are more advanced and can detect the drones to much more significant height than ever before. The company has spent almost a year and a half to develop the technology fully before testing them out in the real world. So far, the results have been excellent, and the company hopes to make it available to many more prisons in the coming months.



Sussex Healthcare Appoints New CEO To Give The Company A New Face

Sussex Healthcare is a professional and independent healthcare company in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare has 20 care homes where they provide essential healthcare to the community. Sussex is one of the oldest healthcare companies in the country with 25 years in the healthcare industry. The organization offers a wide range of healthcare services which are meant to take care of the people living in Sussex. Their wellness programs are aimed at giving offering high-quality services that will serve the interests of each person. The treatment they offer is specialized depending on one needs.

Sussex healthcare was started in 1985 and over time has grown to become a major player in the UK healthcare sector. Sussex Healthcare has given the people of this community a chance to access health services especially for the elderly, disabled and the developmentally challenged people.

Sussex Healthcare has the best caregivers in the country. They have hired the services of professionals who know the needs of the people they handle. The professionals in this organization are serious about their work and provide very good services to their clients. Sussex has also ensured that always, there is a team of professionals who are on standby to deal with the patients’ needs. Their services are 24-hour. The staff at Sussex Healthcare understand that the company is looking to offer services on different levels. According to the strategic plan of the company, they offer physical, mental, emotional and rehabilitative services. The caregivers in Sussex Healthcare are serious people who update themselves about developments in the healthcare industry. They continue with their professional education even as they continue giving services to the people.


Sussex health care provides the best support services. The services are designed in such a way that the patients enjoys a comfortable environment as much as possible. They provide patients with healthy meals made from the local ingredients. The homes are also constructed using material that can not cause any harm to patients. Also, they offer rehabilitation and recreational services. The professionals in the homes have been trained in therapeutic treatment to ensure that patients who are suffering from physical disabilities or age get the best treatment. Majority of the people who seek services at Sussex Healthcare are people with; dementia, Alzheimer’s, developmental learning disabilities, neurological conditions, elderly and the disabled. The facilities in the homes are designed to give all these people the best services.

Sussex Healthcare has appointed a new CEO who will handle operations of the company. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has been appointed to give the company a new push in terms of its growth. Amanda started her job in January.

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Everything You Need To Know About Daniel Taub’s Diplomatic Career

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat of repute. He has served in matters related to mending diplomatic ties for his nation and improving its overall international image for a long period of time. However, he is well known and recognized for the role he played as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom since the year 2011.

Daniel was born in the United Kingdom and went to school up to university level in the same country. After graduating with a law degree, he decided that Israel would offer more exciting opportunities for his line of career. He therefore embarked on the journey of exciting career opportunities and upon landing in Israel, got himself a job as a combat field medical officer in the Israeli army. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

As the job required of him, he was very committed and performed very well. At the same time, he was doubling as a legal officer in the army. It is while working in the legal office that he was offered an opportunity to work in the presidential media team as a speechwriter for the president.

This job truly fitted his nature and within a short period of time, he had managed to impress his seniors and got an exciting offer to join the ministry of foreign affairs as a legal officer.

The new job opened numerous doors for him and managed to act as a launching pad to his rather illustrious diplomatic career. He was responsible for representing the nation in different capacities in matters diplomatic as well as those related with international law.

His true character would be seen when negotiating for peace deals with enemy countries where he provided a lot of guidance and critical thinking.

In the year 2011 after working in the ministry since 1990, he was appointed the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. Accepting the new role immediately, he said he would work within his ability and the confines of the law to make sure that Israeli’s relation with the United Kingdom and other nations improved. True to his word, he managed to do exactly that.

Now that he is about to leave office, he is satisfied that he did a good job for his nation and that he could not have performed better than that.

He is also a respected speaker who travels the world giving speeches on different subjects. Daniel has also written some books and is therefore considered an acclaimed author.

What OSI Industries Provides To Customers

OSI Industries is one of the highest-rated meat processing companies due to the top quality in foods they produce and the environmentally-safe practices they employ at every facility. Many fast food restaurants, most notably McDonald’s have benefited greatly from the production of OSI Industries, and OSI Industries has helped many fast food franchises expand across the globe due to having factories in 17 different nations. OSI has also made it a point to have representatives at each location who know the tastes of locals in the area and can help each branch of OSI Industries in marketing their products to them. OSI Industries products are mostly meat foods, but they do include some produce and baked goods along with them, and their meats come in both pre-cooked and raw forms.

Customers can either order ready-to-go products from OSI, or have a food products custom-designed for them specifically. Items that OSI specializes in include poultry from crispy chicken tenders and nuggets, to beef patties and meatballs, sausages, pizzas and other meat entrees. Along with their processing and shipping plants, OSI Industries employs extensive lab work on food flavor and quality testing in most of their production centers.OSI Industries is actually one of the oldest meat processing companies in North America with over 100 years of running. It was actually a butcher shop that opened in Chicago in 1909 several years after Otto Kolschowsky immigrated there to provide a better life for his family. By 1917, the butcher shop had become a pretty well-known meat market in Chicago, and by 1928 it was an official meat wholesale company known as Otto & Sons.

The company remained strong all the way through the Great Depression, and in the 1950s they began their strongest business partnership to this day with McDonald’s. The period of expansion began in 1973 when a former investment banker named Sheldon Lavin came to the company and started making financing deals for Otto & Sons, and just two years later the company name was changed to OSI Industries since it was now making plans to grow outside the US. Lavin eventually took over as CEO and Chairman of OSI Industries.OSI Industries has made several key acquisitions over the years, though in several cases such as buying out Flagship Europe and Baho Food they kept the acquired company’s name in place. They also saved and added several hundred jobs in Chicago when they bought a failing Tyson Food plant and told all current employees they could stay on. OSI Industries has been able to minimize employee injuries even during the busiest seasons, and in recognition of that they were given the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. They are also the sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Ronald Fowlkes Serves His Country, Family and Friends

The life story of Ronald Fowlkes is truly inspiring. He is a war veteran, SWAT instructor, and development manager at Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has served the United States government for over two decades in the military and then with the St. Luis Metropolitan Police Department. Ronald has used his skills, knowledge and experience to train others who will continue to protect America into the future.


Ronald Fowlkes worked hard to get through the Marine School of Infantry where he learned many skills including engineering, reconnaissance and tactical planning and strategy formation. Ronald Fowlkes used these skills and knowledge throughout his life. As a Marine, Ronald served during the First Gulf War and used his training to lead his men through Operation Desert Storm.


After accomplishing his mission in the military Ronald returned to Iraq several years later with JIEDDO. JIEDDO is the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. Ronald and JIEDDO were tasked by the United States Department of Defense to train men to disarm and destroy enemy IED’s and bombs ahead of ground forces. Ronald’s involvement improved JIEDDO’s efficiency and effectiveness tremendously.


Ronald Returned to the United States and joined the St. Luis Metroplitan Poice Department where he served for 10 years. Then, he joined the St. Luis Metropolitan County Police Department where he served for 3 years. For seven of these 13 years Ronald was a team leader for the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). This team was so respected for its highly trained personnel that it was always tasked to accomplish the most dangerous of missions. Ronald took part in over 250 hostage situations and high-risk entries every year. That is over 1700 highly dangerous engagements. Ronald Fowlkes was always looking for ways to improve his teams efficiency and equipment. His main aim was to create equipment that didn’t fail or have malfunctions.


In 2008, Ronald was able to take his skills and disagreement with poorly manufactured tactical gear to Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. Eagle Industries Unlimited has been manufacturing tactical gear and outdoor equipment for over 40 years. They continue to improve the functionality of their gear and use the most advanced technology and research to provide the very best products.


Ronald Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager for Eagle Industries Unlimited’s Law Enforcement and Commercial Products division. He trains over 150 employees at Eagle Industries. Ronald’s training includes how to use the new products and how to present them to potential customers. Ever since his military career began, Ronald always attempted to get the best out of those he trained. Ronald takes this encouraging attitude everywhere he goes, even as his son’s hocky coach. Ronald will always motivate others and serve his country to the best of his abilities.


Advantages and Disadvantages of A/B Testing

As of recent, there is quite of bit of information online about A/B testing. Since A/B testing has both advantages and disadvantages, it is essential that people do their homework first to see if it can accommodate their specific needs. So, for those of you who want to know more about how this type of testing should or should not be used in their web design and development, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that can assist you in making an informed decision.

Advantages to Using A/B Testing

Compares Present version and New Proposed Version of Your site

As reference above, there are some advantages to using this type of testing. One of the more notable involves testing out 2 versions of the site to see which one of the versions performs best. In some cases, the version that the designer tests first may include innovative ideas that can either completely revolutionize your site and increase your profits. Or, the new version that you choose may completely ruin your chances of making any money at all. Either way, you can run 2 versions simultaneously to see if the new proposed modifications to the site should be made live or dropped from the proposal.

Results in Controlled Environment

The test results from the site can be performed in a controlled environment. Since the timing of the testing of each version can make a major difference in the results, it is essential that the time and other factors be in a controlled environment. This is one of the benefits of this type of testing. For instance, both versions of the site can be run at the same time using the same target audience. Therefore, the results are more dependable. Without A/B testing, the results of the testing can be affected by a wide variety of outside and different variables.

Disadvantages to Using A/B testing

Time and Resources Needed to Set-up of the Different Versions

In many cases, this type of testing can idea for a site owner. However, it is important to note that there are some drawbacks that can affect when and how this testing is used. One of the most common problems in using this type of testing involves the time and resources needed. Unfortunately, because it takes more time to set-up the different scenarios used, this kind of testing can be very costly to the budget. Also, it normally takes more resources to completing these testing plans because of the changes that need to be made.


NewsWatch TV Receives Righteous Reviews

Every Monday morning AMC network broadcasts a popular television series featuring topics ranging from consumer news to celebrity interviews. The series is a professional journalism outlet with content featuring on-location satellite media tour interviews, video news releases, and national nonprofit awareness campaigns.


In 2017, NewsWatch TV won a gold and platinum Marcom Award and that same year won the national Videographer Award for excellence in 30-minute entertainment programming. It began airing in 1990, at first they were primarily focused on financial issues, but grew over the decade to be a TV news magazine covering many other topics. The show includes a selection of hosts for their viewers to enjoy. Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison lead the segments that require multiple parts. While most portions are self-contained reports, the hosts also conduct interviews throughout the U.S. including well-known celebrities that may be personally involved with a cause.


NewsWatch TV recently collaborated with Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer that wanted promotion in the form of video reviews and online campaigns. Saygus used NewsWatch TV to promote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and to promote their Indiegogo campaign. The marketing led to the company raising over $1.3 million and exceeding their goal by over $300,000.

Customer Reviews of NewsWatch TV Campaigns

Vice President of Saygus, Tim Rush, says NewsWatch TV is exceptionally professional. He felt that their expertise allowed Saygus to get the right message across to the right consumer market. He added that he would highly recommend NewsWatch TV because they excellently connected the message Saygus wanted to convey and what consumers wanted to hear, allowing sales to multiply.


The Academy Of Art University Churns Out Fashion Leaders Of Tomorrow

The New York Fashion weeks is an annual event that is viewed by thousands from throughout the fashion industry as well as many fashion enthusiasts. There are thousands of people around the world that spend a good chunk of the year just preparing for this event that lasts just a week. During September of last year, the Academy of Art Universty held their 21st runway showcase. This event took plat at Skylight Clarkson Square and was one of the most memorable shows in a long time. Designs from various graduate students were put on display for fashion weeks. This was a huge opportunity for these students to show off their creativity and talent to produce a futuristic fashion design.

The Academy of Art Universty is located in California and operates as a fashion and design school serving thousands of students every year. Originally, the institute was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens with a focus on advertising art rather than just teaching it. Today, the academy offers various degrees to its students as well as certificates. In 2007, the Academy of Art Universty was accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges for their tremendous commitment to providing high-quality fashion sense and art education.


The Academy of Art University has various degree programs across 25 different subjects for their students to choose from, allowing for anyone to find something to bolster their creativity. University policy offers a no barrier admission, which lets students enroll into the university without any pre-requisites. As long as a student is willing to learn and wants to succeed in the world of fashion, the Academy of Art University is able to help.

The Bachelor Contestant Kendall Long, Academy of Art University Alum, Has Much to Offer

The university also offers programs online for students to allow more accessibility for budding artists out there. Alongside there many achievements in art education, this special institute has also hosted the NCAA athletics Program.


Rally Racer Rodrigo Terpins, the Champ

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally race driver. He began racing when he was a small child. His talent in racing was so superb that when he became an adult he was able to take what was once his hobby and turn it into a career. Rodrigo was successful in this field as well as his brother Michael. They formed their own team and by doing this, achieved fame and wealth. According to Terra, their backstory begins with their dad. His name was Jack Terpins. He played basketball and he is the president of Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council. This success in the family is what has motivated Rodrigo to pursue his driving career and making him a household name in Brazil rally championships. He has been able to compete against his brother as well as race alongside him. They both have taken turns being the driver and the navigator. Rodrigo is now part of the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, where his brother Michel Terpins competes against him. They both now find themselves driving what is called the T-Rex, a special vehicle that was specifically developed for them by MEM Motorsport organization. The T-Rex will soon have some upgrades made and be enhanced to allow the brothers to keep taking on races as successfully as they do. Terpins has another passion in the T1 prototype category which he admits has on various occasions made him to still retain his passion in rallies.

Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael have completed in several championships and the plan is to continue. They both enjoy what they do and have no intention to quit anytime soon. Although now he has to balance a career and family, Rodrigo is doing his best to do exactly this. Rodrigo is a citizen of Brazil today and is in his forties. He is known far and wide for his skills in rally racing to this day.

A Synopsis of Sahm Adranji’s Career

How Did Sahm Adrangi’s Career Start?

Early on, he used his skills as an investor and manager of finances while working for someone else. His employers were Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management. While he had a successful career with these companies, he wanted to go into business for himself.

His Career As An Entrepreneur:

He used one million dollars to start a company. Due to his ability to effectively manage finances and make successful investments, the company grew into a multinational organization. His company is Kerrisdale Capital, and investors from all walks of life purchase stocks through his firm. Some of their plans are geared towards retired people, but there are plans designed for other phases of a career.

Sahm Adrangi uses a different management strategy than many CEOs. Many CEOs delegate a lot of the management of the company’s finances to other people, but Sahm Adrangi plays a role in every aspect of the company’s money management.

What Types Of Stocks Do Clients Invest In Through Kerrisdale Capital?

Clients are able to invest in any stock that they want to. Unlike many investment firms, Kerrisdale Capital allows clients to make investments in companies that most investors aren’t familiar with. This is because Sahm Adrangi knows how one can learn everything that they need to know about a company to make a good investment in a small business.

Sahm Adranji As A Public Watchdog:

He learned about the unethical strategies of China Biotics and China Education Alliance, and he acted quickly to keep more people from being harmed by their actions. His efforts were successful. The SEC delivered sanctions to these companies, and they are no longer engaged in the behavior that he reported.

He’s An Author Of Research On Investing:

Sahm Adrangi has written numerous research papers that discuss how to use short selling. He also has written papers that discuss how to invest successfully in hedge funds. While these are some of the strategies that he discusses in great detail, other investment strategies are discussed in his papers as well. The papers are free and available to the general public online.